song of the day: love songs, anjulie

how are you doing? how's your week going so far? hope your tuesday is treating you well. don't have much time again today, just sharing my beauty obsessions as of late.

bright eyes

lately i've been skipping eyeliner altogether, instead i've been dabbing a light eyeshadow in the corners of my eyes for a look that widens them and make them look instantly awake. i just dab it along the natural v, but definitely trace farther along the top lid. and since i've started i've noticed blake lively does it all the time, on and off the show. she often uses white shadow in her corners, but that's a little too stark for me. tan or pale gold just right for darker skin tones. silver's also really cool for a night look. add a swipe of mascara, and i'm good to go!

madison mauve
at first, i wasn't so ecstatic that maybelline revamped their entire lipstick line earlier this year. the first two i tried were flops. but i finally found a plum that works for me. it's good to wear or stain. i don't care too much for the smell, but i love that it lasts forever. (pardon my bizarre expression in the photo, what's important here is the lipstick, not how deliriously happy i was at my birthday party.)

remember way back when i was talking about matte nails? i'm officially a believer. i bought the matte about you top coat and i haven't stopped using it since. although, i think half the fun might be watching it change. i also got mint green candy apple and it's one of my favourite colours of the season. my tips? apply a good basecoat, because you can't put top coat on a matte nail. also, make sure the nail is completely dry before applying the matte topcoat.

that's all for now. but i'd love to know, what's on your nails right now?