Thursday, April 30, 2009

okay, i'm really going to get to work after this. i don't have to like V Hudge to appreciate this SUPER cute outfit. i love every part of it: the black tank, the tulip skirt, the fringe purse and simple sandals. LOVE it. i really need to get me a skirt like that!

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Photo from Just Jared.

(song of the day: don't make me wait, locksley)

"you can't hurry love." how many songs sound like this? and i still refused to believe it was true until just a few days ago. i think one of my many downfalls is that i'm so susceptible to tv. cause i mean on tv you can fall in love within the span of a half hour. you don't even have to be friends first. that person might not even like you when the episode opens. but by the end? they're in love. real love. just like that. in movies it takes two hours max, with a kiss just before the credits roll. the end!

and for a long time i've just been wayiting for this DAY, you know, where everything would just fall into place. everything would just happen. just like it does on TV. i think my life's been fortunate in a number of ways. and i'm kind've just used to things being instantaneous. things in my life kind've just happen with minimal effort on my part and i assumed relationships were like that too.

but i suppose i'm just telling you what you already know, most people don't mistake real life for television. (but oh how i envy its easy answers, laugh track and brisk storylines!) so yeah, feel free to welcome me to the real world now.

haha. yeah, i find it hilarious that i said i wouldn't write anything about love and all that and now i can't seem to stop =P haha. i've just been thinking about these kinds of things for a while now. alrighty, i've got an essay calling my name.

Photo courtesy of Psyhcadelic Tuna.

who doesn't ove a good sale? starting today and ending on sunday aeropostale is offering 25% off everything but their clearance. i'm thinking it might be a good time for me to stock up on tanks and camis. they're one of the only places that make them long enough for my strangely shaped body =P and they start at $5.99! looks like some of their jeans are on sale too. so hopefully i'll have a chance to get in and take a look. if you'd like a coupon, let me know!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

(song of the day: so much love, the rocket summer)

occasion: school
yellow hoodie: american eagle, $20
tee shirt tunic: walmart, $6
black leggings: walmart, $5
leather boots: steve madden, $90
belt: mine from when i was a kid
disc earrings: claire's, $8

this is an old look, but as things are warming up i have to use it now or i'll have to wait till next fall! haha. not that i'm complaining. i've been begging for warmer weather for weeks now. i didn't even wear it that long ago, but i really liked it! (ahh! my old hair, and my trademark braidy-bun! :P it's seriously, the only updo i do.) my day was lovely. i love when you're not looking for something, and it finds you anyway. and i love people "who look like the songs that you've heard your whole life coming true." i especially LOVE that song by the rocket summer that has essnetially made my whole day. hope yours was good!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

hey hey! double post to make up for missing yesterday. sadly, i have to make this one pretty quick cause i've got real work to do.

this weekly resolve is a little different cause i've already done it. haha. so yeah, i wrote a little bit ago about having better conversation with people and it's actually been working out really really well! i said i'd get back to what i found out about eye contact. it's actually an important part of conversation. shows like "lie to me" have made me SO aware of body language lately. i find it fascinating and eye contact is no excpetion. and i don't just mean for flirting either (okay, yeah that is what i was i using it for you but don't have to!) there are signals being sent all over the place there are ones you're giving and sending without even being aware of it! here are some general tips and tricks.

when you're listening:

  • always remember to listen with your eyes. maintaining eye contact is an indication of respect. try keeping eye contact for about five second intervals. don't forget to smile and nod. like you mean it though. someone can tell if you're not being genuine.
  • look to the side. eye contact can be awkward especially if you're pushing through it for the first time. instead of looking down at your shoes (a move that projects insecurity) look up or to the left. especially if you're listening to someone. these are signs that your recalling or trying to remember something about what this person is saying and they'll feel like you're really listening and thinking about what they're saying to what they've got to say.
  • contrastingly if you want someone to leave, don't look at them. if you're not interested in someone you'll subconciously
  • and don't shift too much. shift eyes can come of as untrustworhty.
when you're speaking
  • star down who you're speaking to. eye contact shows self confidence. if you're staring someone down it emits that whatever you have to say is important. people will take what you're saying more seriously. this is epecially important if you're feeling insecure. it'll present an air of confidence that you might not necessarily feel
if you're flirting:
  • maintain eye contact for longer periods of time. go past the normal five seconds.
  • don't forget to look at all their features on their face. i find myself staring at a certain someone's lips all the time.
  • check for pupil dilation! it's a sign someone's aroused. a very good sign. if they're keeping an extended gaze, that's a good sign too.
and this may sound crazy but i've actually been doing this a lot over the last two weeks. in the halls, in elevators. i will stare down anyone i find attractive with pretty succesful results. i surprise myself by getting smiles back like 80% of the time. with more eye contact and better posture. and i can tell people don't think i'm as shy even though i haven't said anything. and it feels kinda cool! makes you walk taller and hold your head higher. dare you to try it! blach. no real time to get really into this. i've got a lot of school stuff to do for tomorrow. do you find body langauge as interesting as i do? do you want me to keep posting about it? i know i'll be reading it either way. night!

(song of the day: fall into place, apartment)

heyhey! anyone else find it's ten thousand more times harder to drag yourself to school when it's raining? after all that happened yesterday i'm super tired, and the idea of staying home this morning was wayyyy too tempting. i chickened out of the forever21 outfit. it was raining a lot more than i thought and rain and tights are not a winning combination. maybe tomorrow though, cause i'm seeing a certain someone, again. (this whole week there's been a boy overload! i'm running out of outfit ideas!)

haha, but anyway, on to my obsession du jour! and it's none other than the joe makeup i was talking about a few days ago. after my shift on saturday i went out and tried a few. this is the stuff i got. two lip stains in watermelon (on the right) and sheer pink (far left).

does that look like watermelon to you? i think not! i had this problem with the covergirl lip stain i bought too. i'm not sure if it's because of my natural lip pigment, but lip stains for me never look the way they do in the tube. lip stains are great, but i strongly advise you to test them out as thoroughly as you can.

but that's the only bad thing i have to say about them really! the first time i tried them and my pink stain yielded this very red results i was a little miffed, but today i rolled with it! in fact, this look is definitely a contender for the red lip thing i posted about a few weeks ago. lip stains are great, they feel a little silly putting them on. they're literally like a marker. when i was putting it on in the bathroom today some girl was like "what is that?" but after i explained it she thought it was really cool.

which it is! it's not sticky, and once it dries it doesn't feel like you're wearing anything at all. it's actually pretty weird. being weightless! i do have to say, the covergirl one does last a little bit longer, this one didn't make it through the whole day, but this one's well worth the $6! i rate it 7 out of 10.

but i have to say my favourite is the cheek stain (the short one in the middle). i've never tried one before and i have to admit, it was a little different than i thought it would be. i think i was expecting it to be more liquid, but it's kind of like smearing chapstick on your face. haha. that said, it's easy enough to use. you just have to work it in with your fingers. but i love the way it looks. i got it in peach. le perfect spring/summer colour! and it actually showed up on my skin, whoopwhoop! this one gets an 8 from me!

this is what i wore to shoeless joe's yesterday. are you feeling my new haircut? there are some moments where i reach my hand up and freak out cause there's nothing there anymore! but when i look at it i love it! are you changing / have you changed your hair for spring? how?

ciao for now!

hey there! sorry there was no post yesterday. i thought i was going to have time but i got caught up in a paper i was writing. okay and then i went out like the whole afternoon/evening. there's really no excuse =P

does anyone else shop as often as i do? can't lie, i visit it everyday just in case there are updates. their shop by outfit option has to be one of my favourites. are you a fan?

considering it's a little bit cooler today, i'm thinking about wearing something like this. with what has now become my trademark leather jacket, of course. check item info here.

my weekend was FANTASTIC. my monday too. how's life been for you?? i'm off for now! i'll post when i get back from school.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

(song of the day: put your records on, corinne bailey rae)

it's saturday again! all things considered, i'd have to say it was a pretty great week. nothing spectacular, but just a bunch of good days all round. the sun was shining, i wore my first tightless-dress of the season, i got a new haircut and i found TEN things i really liked this week.. lucky you!

ONE. i have to say, i'm enamoured with the IDEA of thrift store shopping, but i've never actually taken it out in practice. as part of her dream style series, megan over at charade shared a few dos and don'ts when it comes to the "art" of thrift store shopping.

TWO. (it feels like i do these numbers differently every time? i really should look this up =P) i love college candy and of course could not resist their tips to pick up guys that they posted on monday. funny and helpful!

THREE. anybody else familiar with the TeamSugar family of blogs? i'm pretty sure i've posted about fabsugar and bellasugar (fashion and beauty blogs respectively) before. i visit there frequently. but i didn't realize that celebstyle was a part of their family. it basically just breaks down celebrity looks into more accesible and wearable ways. i'm down!

FOUR. sometime this week vicki showed me this joke translator that turns regular english into that dreaded twelve-year old on aol-speak. "IT ALMOST HURTS 2 R3AD!111!1!! WTF LOL" hahaha. made me laugh though.

FIVE. and speaking of vicki! check out her entertainment blog =)

SIX. how great did everyone look at coachella last week? check out celeb looks courtesy of the blog at

SEVEN. read on fabsugar that rachel bilson's going to become a new guest writer for InStyle, check out her first colum in their May 2009 issue.

EIGHT. when i was thinking about what i wanted to do with my hair i googled spring's top hair trends and came across this post from primped.

NINE. i have an unhealthy addiction for alex pettyfer (at right). i wish he'd update his twitter more. (if it really is him, i hate that it's so hard to tell sometimes, you know?) anyway, rumour has it the british hottie is set to star in a modern retelling of beauty and beast alongside vanessa hudgens. crossing my fingers for that one! he needs to do a little less modelling and a lot more movies.

TEN. as you know, i LOVE braids. can not get enough of them. but i realized with the new haircut i'm going to have to get creative as to how i do them! this week on fabsugar they showcased eight new ways celebs have been wearing braids lately. is it really a shocker that lauren conrad shows up twice on the list? though i have to say, i've copied both those looks. and i wore braids the way mandy moore did when i was away last weekend. it's so easy and comfortable. sometimes i'm into no fuss. and i LOVE the way kate hudson did hers, but my hairs not long enough =(

anyway, that's all my lovelies. what's the best thing you found this week? enjoy the rest of le weekend!


Friday, April 24, 2009

alert alert! i just found out that joe was expanding into a makeup line! the entire line is $8 and under. i'm betting it'll be the same quality stuff as their clothes. they've actually got a cool promo running april 30-may 4 here in toronto. i'm going to check this one out as soon as i can and let you know how it is! thanks to torontostyle for the heads up! that's all for today. happy friday!

haha. this is a way random topic to blog about i know. but i've always said i blog about what bothers me. and who doesn't HATE it when your eye twitches?!

and my eye has been twitching for the last TEN days. i can't take it anymore. i had to research what's up. first thing i learned? the good thing is, eye twitches are just muscle spasms, so generally there's no long term side effect.

they can be triggered by a number of different factors. sometimes environmental, physiological, and some are psychological in nature. the most common reasons include:

  • over consumption of caffeine (not likely... unless sugar can do the same thing)
  • physical or emotional stress (mm. maybe?)
  • epilepsy (nope)
  • anxiety or phobias (not that i know of?)
  • brain damage or other neurological disorders (pretty sure i don't)
  • it's been associated with temper tantrums ( ugh. haven't had any of these recently. or at least too recently)
  • eye stress has been associated with extended viewing of the computer screen (oh dear.... we may have a winner here.)
i asked my mom about it (as usual) and she says that all these reason are just subsections of the real one: being tired. when your brain is exhausted it loses its abiltity to control those fine msucles that you usually have control over. the result? a twitchy eye. mom pointed out that i haven't been sleeping well lately. mom says, it's either that or a brain tumour. thanks -_-"

most of the time an eye twitch will go away on its own. anyway, a little more research probed some good cures:
  • sleeping (of course)
  • try to relax.
  • try to eliminate stress from your life (easier said than done!)
  • limit your caffeine intake
  • take more frequent breaks from the computer (never!)
  • apply warm compresses to the twitching eye and gently massage the eyelid with your fingers.

i'm defs going to try that last one in a minute. i'll let you know how it goes! i did read though that if the problem persists for more than a week you should go see your doctor. there's always a chance that it could be an indicator of a more serious neurological voice. i read if your face begins to twitch outside of the eye area (cheeks, mouth etc.) you should get it checked out asap.hope this helps!!

i always hope it's sunny where you live. i'm gonna be breaking out my first spring dress today, SANS tights! i have a feeling it's gonna be a gooder.

-later! ♥

Thursday, April 23, 2009

(song of the day: up and up, relient k)

i'd like thank vicki for introducing me to my current obsession for this week! after i posted about lookbook the other day, vicki brought weardrobe to my attention. i suppose it's a lot like lookbook in that people sign up and submit pictures of their outfit. except you don't need an invitation to join. (which is a big relief for me, i've been building a lookbook portfolio for a while now, and it was never really up to snuff) check what they're all about.

that's another big difference, i do find that weardrobe is not as pretentious. also, vicki pointed out there's a better focus on fashion. whenever i'm on lookbook i get swept up in the photography of it all. there are some fabulous photos on there but that doesn't necessarily translate to good outfits you know? not that i'm knocking lookbook, i still love it. i just find that the looks on weardrobe are a little more attainable. i've only got one picture up so far, but you can check my profile. here are some of my favourites so far. i'll probably be copying these some time in the future!

oh yeah! and they smile! regrettably, i forgot to take down the names of the people who took these pictures! credit goes to those who took them! :S that's all for me! if you care to catch up on my life, continue reading!

today was absolutey fabulous! i mean yesterday had its challenges i had a huge fight with my sister and then i got some really bad news. but i decided today was going to be good! i sang in the shower LOUDLY, i wasn't really wearing anything special, but i felt kind of pretty from the inside, you know? it's a good feeling. and then today i talked to not one but THREE hot guys, without freaking out or anything. haha. it was definitely "cruise-bethany," hahah, only linda would know what that fully means.

and wish me luck! i entered this blogging contest for loulou magazine and it would be awesome to win! i'm headed to the hairdresser's tomorrow and i'm very excited about it. i hope it turns out the way i like. and then, i'm hanging out with my aunt, and then headed to quest. exciting day! that's all for me! thanks for reading!

ashley tisdale free people 02

morning! how cute is ashley tisdale! i love the dress/cardigan combo! wish it was warm enough to wear here. fyi, the floral dress is from free people and she's toting a givenchy bag.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

happy earth day to you! i'm sure the title of this blog doesn't surprise you. who hasn't been BOMBARDED with "green" today. i'm going to try and keep it light, i promise. the little kid in me wants to dig her heels in when she's repeatedly told "the world is going to end if you don't recycle your water bottles!" maybe i'll make an addendum: "how to go green with minimal effort." here are my favourite no pressure ways to make the planet a little less sucky.

lately, i've been making an effort to you instead of google. it's the same search engine accept that it uses a black screen instead of a white one. it takes more power to light a white screen than a dark one. it all started when somebody figured out that google would save 3000 mega watts a year if they made the change. and just think one megawatt of energy generates about as much electricity as 800 households use. also, whenever the option is open to me, i choose the "lights off" feature. i know has this. don't forget that even the little things add up!

i have to say. i'm more inclined to go green when it gives back to me. over in germany they engineered ecofont. a font that takes less ink to print because the letters have little wholes in the them. i actually use this for drafts a lot, you hardly notice if you aren't looking closely. i like getting the msot out of my ink cartrdige, who wouldn't? if you like, get the font here.

time to get off the computer and into the wardrobe! check this howcast vid on how to make your wardrobe more green.

and check out some links about greener makeup here, and here.

i buy almay! i'm doing my part! (barely =P)

okay, and as for those old water bottles, i am notorious for buying them and then losing them in my room. (i'm not kidding, on cleaning day i'll pull out 2 full bags of water bottles alone) terrible i know. but this week i resolve, to a) use the old water on plants around the house instead of tossing it down the drain, b) wash them out and reuse them one in a while and c) check out those sigg waterbottles everyone's harping on about all the time? sound good? hope so. i'm beat. that's all for me! check you later.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

(song of the day: you give me something, james morrison)

did it rain where you were? it did a little bit today. i could've let it ruin my day (my hair, AND a perfectly good outfit,) but i did not! must have looked pretty weird actually. i was siting on the bus and then i started thinking about the office and had to try and hide my hysteric laughter. so today i'm sharing my top ten funny men!

10. seth rogen.

i LOVE his ridiculous laugh. cracks me up every time. he's sooo funny! and he's gotten so slim now. which doesn't necessarily make him funnier, but it will make his movies more fun to watch! heehee.

9. will arnett

i should preface this by saying i'm MOSTLY in love with his character on arrested development. but i suppose that show was the launching bored for my affection for will arnett! he's canadian too. which is pretty cool to me. to this day the strains of the final count down crack me up everyime. i can NOT wait for the arrested development movie!

8. michael cera

another arrested development hottie. i don't mind that he basically plays himself in each movie, he's HILARIOUS. and so awkward! and cute! (i was 2 meters-ish from him once! squee!)

7. hugh laurie

house is hilarious, but hugh is too. i love that self-depreciating british humour. and he's also a way talented writer and an amazing pianist. i like!

6. jack black.

i LOVE jack black, and not for the reason you're thinking =P he's so funny! school of rock was awesome, and so was tropic thunder! i'm not sure if i like his kid or adult comedies better. and he wasn't particuarily funny, but how AWESOME was he in the holiday! makes me cry every time.

5. seth mcfarlene

i can't lie. as offensive as it is, i find family guy HILARIOUS. i love random. and seth mcfarlene. it's the voices that get me. (i used to want to be a voice actress!) brian's my favourite. gotta love the straight man. errrrrr dog. but i have to say, i tend to bug my sister based on what i see stewie do. over.

4. will ferrel

ha-larious. couldn't pick a favourite movie if i tried! okay. maybe kicking in screaming. or anchorman. or step-brothers. no.... see? couldn't choose. i love when he makes cameos in other people's movies too. he's quoted as saying: "there's just something about yelling that's funny to me." and i absolutely agreee.

3. the boys of the office.

from best to least: b.j. novak, rainn wilson, steve carrel and john krasinski. at first i realize i didn't want to group them together, but then if i didn't, they took over half the list. no one else could make awkward so fun! or that many "that's what she said" jokes. and i'll admit, they're my favourite =P

2. seth meyers.

(there are a lot fo funny seths no?) meyers has been the headwriter on SNL for a few years now. the weekend update is usually my favourite part of the show. i'd also like to give honourable mention to my other SNL favourites: jason sudeikis, bill hader and andy samberg. plus he's SO cute, don't you think?

1. conan o'brien.

i once heard him described as "the orange-haired michael jordan of comedy." and i completely agree! he's my absolute favourite. it doesn't matter if i've been running all day. i will stay up late at night to watch his monologues. i miss them so much. but apparently he starts up the late show june 1. just two more months to go! check out this website where he finds a joke to insult EVERY country. funny list. trust.

there are so many more! it doesn't take much to make me laugh. heehee. this was a fun list. i realized two things. a) i think EVERYONE on this list is attractive and b) i don't think women are as funny as men are. i know that's bad to say but would you agree? who're the top 10 people who makes you laugh?


Monday, April 20, 2009

so a few hours ago the jonas brothers released the album cover for their next album. rumoured to be out june 15? last i heard? i can't lie, i'm already excited. though i have to say, joe looks like a crazy person =P

so i was listening to that song by taylor swift? or at least it's something like that. there are a billion songs of this same nature. and i was thinking the other day that songs like that kind of send the wrong idea.

i'm sure you're all familiar with it. (check out the song, with lyrics here) but just to recap in the song she's singing about how the guy she likes is with some cheerleading-high-heel-wearing-preppy girl. and taylor's so certain that they belong together. but my thing is, if he likes a girl like that, maybe you don't know him as well as you thought. it's quite clear he does NOT see that he belongs with you. it might be time to cut your losses and move on.

and i'm not saying she's the only one guilty of this type of thing. i googled it and came up with a slew of others that they simlar things. i only became aware of this cause i was singing along to a song that said something similar and for a second started to believe it. and there are some girls who do! and i think it breeds an unhealthy neediness. this feeling that you HAVE to have this guy. it's destiny or something. and i think that in turn breeds a really clingy, deperate vibe that only chases guys away.

but that's just me. anyone else feel the same way? thoughts?

i love love love it when american eagle updates their style guide! i'm loving the outfits they're featuring. actually i always love the outfits they put together. this has got to be my favourite of the bunch, check out the rest here. how i ache for summer!!! it's raining for the next three days here.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

(song of the day: one step at a time, jordin sparks)

sorry i didn't post yesterday, i was still at the jr. high retreat. i have to say, i've had an AMAZING weekend. just fantastic. chilling with the boys in the band all friday/saturday. movies with my besties on today. zac efron in all his awesomeness. it was fabulous. enough adjectives? okay. here are the best ofs for this week.

ONE // i'm really liking that forever21 is coming out with a plus size line. from the looks of the preview pictures they've got over at fabsugar, it's going to be really good!

TWO // heard some good news on perez the other day, regina spektor is working on another album! i'm excited =)

THREE // just discovered this new fashion blog, style spy. i'm loving it cause it's canadian. woop! a little while back they had a sweet video on how to do an inversed braid across the top of your head. i rocked it two days this week =)

FOUR // this week on all woman stalk they went over a couple ways to lose weight healthily. it's nothing groundbreaking, but it was certainly helpful. i'll certainly be turning to it as it gets closer to bikini season!

FIVE // over at people style watch they took pics of celebs coming and goings in airports. i LOVE the way celebrities look on their days off. it's so easy to copy their style too. love it!

alrighty, that's all for now! and you know, if you ever find something you think i'd be interest in be sure to let me know! comment it! ciao for now!


Friday, April 17, 2009

eiffel tower necklace: forever21, $4.80
navy dress: old navy, $15
pantihose: my mom buys them for me! haha
heels: walmart, $20

so this is what i wore easter sunday. a little dark i know, but it was the only new dress i had. that and it was REALLY cold that day, so it kind of suited.

a hair and makeup close up. i used that almay pureblend shadow in lavender. and then braided my hair. hahaha. i swear i haven't been doing this as much as i used to. but for some reason, i've got braids everytime i feel like uploading an outfit. the fact that it's braided today is just a coincidence. hahaha.

and finally, that morning i tested out the last of my OPI minis! i'm totally in love with this light pink (called suzie and the lifeguard). the only thing was though, it took me three coats to get it to that colour. but it's definitely become a new favourite. hopefully i'll get a chance to put another coat on before i have to leave. i've got two hours left and nothing packed... yikes! later days!


Thursday, April 16, 2009

(song of the day: i am what i am, jonas brothers)

good evening! hope all is well with you. i tend to keep airing my neuroses here. i've already talking about how i tend to overanalyze every conversation i've had, but today i'm tackling the problem from the root. this weekend i have to spent the weekend with a bunch of a people i usually don't. in short, i'm freaking out! i hate those awkward breaks in conversation. (haha. there's a picture of the office because that shows pretty much the master of awkward conversations. i wish they were as funny in real life) so this week(end) i'm resolving to get past it. so i scoured the webernet for the best tips on how to be a good conversationalist.

a. forget yourself. that means stop paying attention to where your hands are, or what your hands are doing or what you're saying. focus on the person (people) you're talking to. if you're thinking about yourself you'll never be able to relax. people really like to talk about themselves so instead of worrying about you, ask the other person questions - preferably ones that don't just need a yes/no answer. make sure you're really listening! just like in good acting, don't just wait for the other person to stop talking, be actively involved in the conversation. i tend to just ignore things i don't understand but there's no shame in asking for clarification. it's proof you're really listening and it lengthens the conversation. if you ask questions, listen intently and comment accordingly you'll get the credit for being a good conversationalist.

b. pretend. this advice is borrowed from my mom again. put yourself in the other person's position. i have this thing where i usually remember the little things people say (birthdays, math tests). but whenever i want to bring them up i don't for fear of sounding creepy. but if someone remembered something i'd said, i'd be flattered! i have to be the type of friend i'd want to have.

another tip? when i'm meeting new people i sometimes pretend we're already friends. i mean, talking with my friends is so easy and effothis usually works for me because it makes me more relaxed. i'm a firm believer in fake it till you make it!

if you're still interested, continue reading for more tips!

c. disagree. whenever i'm talking to people i hate to rock the boat. i'd rather get along and have it all be good. i have to remember its the differences that make people interesting. agreeing with everything can kill a conversation just as much as disagreeing with everything can. yeah, i've had this one happen. in truth, you should never be afraid to speak your mind. even if you're trying to make a good impression, there's no harm in it. (mmkay, so i might not quite believe this one yet, but i'll try it out this weekend and let you know how it goes) on the reverse, disagreeing too much can lead to a conversation trainwreck. when arguing try tempering your sentences. if you replace "but" with the word "and" people won't automatically go on the defensive.

d. pause. don't be afraid of a little pause in conversation. i let my skin get crawly and my breath quicken and then my brain spins out of control and it's even harder to make conversation. but i read that pauses in conversation are normal and not to be feared! in face you may intentionally want to pause. good storytellers know how to bait their audience and keep them listening. it's more than okay to take a few seconds to collect your thoughts.

someother quick notes, maintain eye contact. i've been trying out a new trick with this o'er the last few days. maybe i'll try and work it into the blog sometime. also, if you can do so without looking crazy, imitate the body language of the person you're speaking to. it'll subconciously trick their brain into thinking you're getting along. body language on the whole fascinates me. i'll be sure to write about it sometime in the future.

that's all for now! wish me luck!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

(song of the day: chasing pavements, adele)

ahhh. today's one of those days that could've gone better. definitely more shower than sun. but i suppose sometimes that's the way it goes. even still the most distressing thing that happened was something i saw today in english class.

a girl walked in with the strangest pair of leggings i'd ever seen. they were light blue, but well worn in, they had those little fuzz balls all over them? and as i kept looking i saw the faded design of a pocket, the fake stitching of a fly, and realized they were made to look like jeans! i think my mouth dropped open. leggings like these, even while worn in irony are NOT good.

leggings are hardly a new thing. and it doesn't look like they're going anywhere when it comes to practical everyday fashion. actually, a lot of eighties trends are making a comeback these days. even though leggings weren't running rampant on the runways like years past, they're still popular down here on earth. i'll admit, they had more longevity than i thought they would. but sunshowerstyle is more about practicality. leggings are still in full force here on campus! but apparently SOME people have forgotten how to wear them. so here's a refresher on how to wear leggings you girls of York U.

dear girl in english tutorial, listen carefully now, leggings are NOT pants. there's really no way around this. even you find a pair of leggings that for some reason have stencilled pant pockets on them. (ugh. i really can't get over that, who would even DESIGN such a thing!) it is NOT appropraite to wear a pair of leggings with a short shirt/tee/hoodie. leggings are cool with tunics, dresses and long tops. and sure, every college girl knows leggings are perfect comfortable with a hoodie, but inside the house. if you're going out, cover that bum/crotch/camel toe (yes girl passing by Scott Library, i'm talking to you!)

on the other end of things, choose a legging length that's right with you. capri length leggings were super popular for a turn, but i've seen a lot of people sporting the ankle length version all over campus. with a (long) striped top and long cardigan, it looks super cute! the longer your leggings are, the longer it'll make your legs look. don't go to short. anything above mid-calf completely dwarfs you... or make you look like kimmie gibbler.

dear girl spotted in the squad, leggings in white are NOT your best move. leggings in black are slimming and tasteful. i mean, totally go for neon if your into that sort of thing, but just remember putting brighter colours on your lower half and tend to make you look wider there.

dear girl on the GO bus, i love getting the most out of your clothes as much as the next person, but i'm afraid it's just time to throw those leggings out. leggings should be completely opaque. if they thin out, as yours have, shell out the money for a new pair. you can get 'em under $20 tons of places. (off the top of my head, try urban behaviour or h&m,) if they're sheer, they're just pantihose. and that's a whole other story.

some other ideas. if you feel the need to try the need for something new, try liquid leggings. kind of a hipster vibe. if i wasn't such a chicken i'd get a pair. additionally, leggings go really well with a lot of shoes? but stick to flats to keep it simple. and for the love of god, please not crocs. i've heard there are a lot of guys who don't like this trend, and i think they'd see it was really cute if it was just worn right!

some other links. if you want to see how the celebs are doing it, check this blog i just found. it's called celebsinleggings, and literally is just pictures of celebs in leggings... haha. but i've added quite a few of the pics to my lookbook! also, find out the best way to wear leggings for your body type over at elle canada.

alrighty, that's all i can handle! i'm dead tired. later!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

i have to say hannah sider is one of my alltime lookbook favourites. and i'm not the only one. she's one of their top members month after month. i like that she's from toronto and she has mastered the art of thrifty shopping! and i love the pop of neon in this outfit. one more love? that lookbook now lets you use twitter to post comments on lookbook looks. fantastique!!

(song of the day: buttons, sia)
i still can't believe i'm writing this. if i were you i'm not sure i'd be taking health advice from the girl who yesterday ate her weight in mini "Reese"-ter eggs and then had the gall to make rainbow chip cookies. i ate twelve and gave myself a tummy ache. cause i'm awesome like that. i've eaten SO much this weekend. between dinners at the keg and cheesecake factory while i was away, and then turkey dinner on sunday i couldn't even bring myself to step on the scale this morning.

but i did good today. i didn't have any chocolate/sweets whatsoever. but it was NOT easy, let me tell you. i've known for a while now that sugar is a large part of what gives me my sunny disposition. i was WAY cranky, but i know my body was grateful. i also went out in search of a new ab exercise. (cause i know that's right where my fancy dinners/easter chocolates are heading) i found one, courtesy of glamour of course!

it's called the half circle. and it's meant work the front and sides of your abdomen. and you don't need any equipment! pull up a piece of solid ground.

prop yourself up on your elbows with your palms down, as shown.

lift your legs up at a 45 degree angle, keeping them pressed together and tightening your abs.

in a fluid half circle motion, roll your legs to the right and then to the left. you've just completed one rep! do them in sets of ten!

i'm doing them now during commercials as i'm watching fringe. i can't say it's easy... or fun. but i suppose that's the point. that's all for me! have a happy tuesday!

Monday, April 13, 2009

morning! i'm a sucker for the new. without even really thinking about it, newer is already better in my mind. i'm not sure if that's related to why i like shopping or not. at any rate, i grabbed a bunch of stuff from my room and took some pics of some of things i bought this weekend. i provided links where available.

1. seed long sleeve tunic, walmart, $6
i'd have to say this was my only shopping misstep. everyone knows i don't really need ANOTHER grey t-shirt.

2. jewel globe necklace, forever21, $7.80
ironically, i put this necklace on my wishlist a few weeks ago, i didn't even realize

3. ankle length leggings, walmart, $5

4. florelle frayed denim shorts , forever21, $15.80

5. l'oreal HIP jelly balm, walmart, $7.80
this is the one i was talking about the other day! i went in for coral but totally got swayed by the red colour. i mean it doesn't reeeeeally matter cause they're so sheer.

6. almay pure blend eye shadow in steel, walmart, $2.50
i actually bought a WHOLE bunch of this stuff. but forgot to take pictures of it cause it's already moved into the makeup bag in my bathroom. the other day i tried this face illuminator from wet'n'wild and i had an allergic reaction to it. not cool. some one recommend the almay brand because it's 98.2% natural and hypo-allergenic. i picked it up down there cause it's SO much more expensive here. i'll let you know how it goes!

7. sweet pea body wash , bath & body works, $10.80
kristen got me addicted to this scent! she gave me the little size for christmas and it just ran out so i had to run out and get a big bottle.

8. sally hansen nail art pen , walmart $7
this worked a lot better than i thought it would! i'll blog about it soon.

9. earphones, best buy, $5

10. studded flats, walmart, $15
i've been looking for a pointed pair for a while.

11. secret deodorant, walmart, $4
kay. not sure why this one is here actually. you really didn't need to know i bought deodorant =P

12. sound sleep / headache relief aromatherapy, bath & body works, $5 each.
kristen, again, has been talking about these for a long time. she should seriously be the spokesperson for bath & both works. i ended up picking two of these up because they cost half as much. i've only used the headache one so far and it really worked!

yes i buy a lot at walmart. cause it's SO much cheaper in the states than it is here. haha. anyway. that's it for now. i should really get to some homework, as usual i've left it to the last day. later!


anyone catch zac efron on SNL saturday? i did. mostly because it was like a combination of two of my FAVOURITE things. i totally shouldn't have stayed up that late to watch it, but it was still worth it! he wasn't as bad as i feared it would be. (be honest, he's not THAT funny) but he was willing to try anything! and i really appreciate that haha. i'd have to say he did the best job on the promo pictures. i'm not gonna lie, this one is on my desktop right now. (more of promo pics, under the cut)

more zac efron appearances this week, if you're interested.

today, nbc, 7:00am EST
the view, abc, 11:00 am EST
letterman, cbs, 11:35 pm EST

ellen, a-channel, 10am EST
(ps. demi lovato's performing!)

jimmy kimmel live, 12:05 am EST

be sure to check your local listings to double check those channels and times. i'll update if i hear of any more.

Click to view full size image

Click to view full size image

Click to view full size image

Click to view full size image

Click to view full size image

Click to view full size image

i got all my pictures from head there for more screenshots . that's all for now. ciao!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

good afternoon! i have to admit, i wasn't expecting writing everyday to be such a challenge. on friday i meant to write a "current obsession" piece but i didn't have time after the good friday service cause i had to pack and then leave. so my mystery vacation took me too.... niagara/buffalo. hah. i could've expected as much. it was still REALLY fun though. my mom sprung for a really nice suite, with one of those whirpool tubs thingers. we ate at the keg and i ate WAY too much. and then today we did shopping and the cheesecake. again too much eating and WAY too much shopping. i think i spent like $200. stupid visa, with its limitlessness =P don't really know what i'm going to do about that one, but luckily the bill won't come until next month. woohoo! i love everything i bought though! you can bet i'll be blogging about that soon. okay, enough small talk, i'll get to it.

ONE // this week newsweek made did a feature on the average costs of beauty "maintenence" over a lifetime. it isn't easy beaing beautiful -or cheap! i think their numbers are still kinda high though. let me know what you think.

TWO // the girls at glamour certainly had sisters on the brain this week. do you have a sister? i do. and i absolutely LOVE her. here's why having a sister can make you happy and here's how she's good for your health.

THREE // so i was clicking around on perez and found eric hutchinson's new music vid for okay it's alright with me. i can't decide if he's cute or not. but i definitely LOVE song and the video's pretty cool too

FOUR // i wish i had a pair of chain booties! they are so fierce! if you're fortunate enough to own a pair of ankle books, i found a cute way to spiff them up courtesy of fabsugar .

FIVE // over at whowhatwear they did a rundown of some really cool rompers , not sure if it's enough to convert me on the trend though. we'll have to see!

okay. that's all for me! happy easter!


Thursday, April 9, 2009

(song of the day: here comes the sun, the beatles)

i hope it was beautiful where you live! today was tyhe first sunny day we've had in a while. i wore a dress (with tights, bien sur). but today i'm cataloging the good hair day i had on sunday!!! one of these days though, i'm going to get ready with enough time to take pictures BEFORE i go out so you can see what they really look like! one day though. haha! so! there's a number of things i'd like to call attention to in this top picture. the first being the light purple nail polish (OPI's done out in deco) that managed to last relatively chip free for the last SIX days! (read up on what i found about preventing chips here!) it did take me almost 45 minutes, but i haven't had to do touchups all week! so i'd definitely say it was worth it. unfortunately i don't have a better close up of the makeup. but my eyes were gold and blue!

because we're cataloguing, some detailed info. first i swept cover girl eye enhancers in golden sunrise all over my lids, and then i put a dusty stripe of annabelle's single eyeshadow in bleu nuit along the upper lash line. crazy? yes. but very cool. though i do have to say, this might look a little different if you don't have darker skin. although you're welcome to try it! if you're going to go with blue, i suggest one like bleu nuit, cause it's not TOO bold, or light... or too nineties =P haha. on to hair!

have you heard about bumpits? i've been hearing about them everywhere lately. and i'm slowly beginning to wade my way into it. for sunday service i tried to add a little bump to my regular half updo. it was pretty cute if i do say so myself. but it was hard for me to get it to stay! i took the top part of my hair and used a hairdryer and a round brush to poof it up from underneath. then i clipped it kind of in the middle of my head and hair sprayed the thing like crazy. (i actually use a drug store brand natural hairspray. it smells good - not like aerosol- and holds pretty well!) then i did my bangs and kinda flipped the ends out a little. because my hair was being so co-operative i decided to try and curl my hair for youth group at night.

i'm not sure you can really appreciate just how HARD it is to curl relaxed hair. like you really have no idea. i've had curly hair maybe three times in my entire life?? and the other two times i had to get my hairdresser to do it. i have a curling iron by revlon and i only really curled it from about half way down (i only had an hour) and i still think it looked okay! i got lots of compliments so that was nice! the only makeup i wore was blush (again, revlon's creme blush in blushing mauve) because i didn't want to make it look like i was trying to hard (which i was). but it totally paid off cause i got to talk to the guy i wanted. teehee! (and did i mention how AWESOME kristen is? she waited around for me to gather my cahones and talk to the guy so we could leave. beyond awesome)

anyway, my cousins are over! it's time for me to stop being so anti-social. have a good night!!


i really like christian serratos outfit here. i'm experiencing total coat envy. loving the scarf, ripped jeans and leather boots. (do you find that whenever stars go to the airport, they usually look pretty nice? hahaa.) so yeah, just decided she's my fashion inspiration for today. and that i'm going to watch some ned's declassified later. wonder how i'll get my scarf like that though.... alrighty! off to get dressed!

hey hey. new section, AGAIN! i'm all about changing things up. (and there's one more change coming... probably somewhere around monday, please tell me you're as excited as i am!) i'm calling it apple a day, cause i'm all about keeping the doctor away! (haha. okay. lameness over.) it's time to get serious. my sister (the only one who is FORCED to read this blog) pointed out that it's a lot like a magazine except that it's got no relationship section and no health section. i know absolutely NOTHING about guys but at least health i can research! and i should too. i FEEL fat. and i know as soon as i say that a thousand people jump at me telling me i'm wrong. and i can't blame them! that's what good friends do! but no matter what i look like or what the scale says i'm a very unhealthy person. hagen dazs for breakfast isn't exactly part of a balanced diet. consider my diet today: a chocolate chip muffin, sweet potato fries, and funnel cake. and that was it for the whole day! it's awful! and on top of that, i've been sporadically keeping up with my 10 minute spurts of cardio, but not as much as i was before. i LOVE my metabolism, but it occured to me recently that it might not always be able to keep up with me. and as much as i don't want to hear it, people are right in saying that i need to start making changes now. so in this section i'll be bringing you more yoga poses and other quick exercises, random dr. questions i ask my mom, healthy snacks and much more! let me know how it goes!

to start, i want to talk about apples! fitting, no? turns out the apple a day thing isn't actually a myth. there are tons of benefits to eating apples.


* can helped you lose weight! they have fibre that allows to feel full faster and not eat as much (it regulates bowl movements too!)
* prevent heart disease because they contain flavonoids (they work like anti-oxidants)
* prevent cancers such as colon cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer and breast cancer in women
* can contribute to a healthy smile and fresh breath
* contain phenols that increase the good cholesterol and reduce the bad cholesterol (score!)
* lower your risk for metabolic syndrome (a bunch of risk factors that can lead to heart attacks, strokes and type 2 diabetes
* contain phytonutrients which reduce your chance for brain diseases like alzheimers and parkinsons.
* taste good!

so it's not as much of a myth as i thought! (though my mom would like to add, all fruits and vegetables are good, not just apples! and your supposed to have 5-10 a day. pah. i don't think i've EVER made 10 in one day) all this talk about apples has made me hungry again! now if only we had some in the fridge! =(


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Zac Efron's Pool Party from Zac Efron

zac efron in a hot tub. great way to start the morning! i've seriously been waiting for this video to come out all week. not as funny as i thought it would be, but its still got some lovely eye candy.

(song of the day: beautiful soul, jesse mccartney)

i'm not sure why, but when i woke up, i knew it was a jesse mccartney day. haha. so HOW depressing was it to have snow on the ground today! i was SO ready to banish my boots to the back of the closet (and don't even get me started on my winter coat). i've got to rush this one cause it's getting late and i've still got homework to do. and forgive me for not spelling out of pure pigritude (two points!) that and there was a new episode of fringe. (eeee ^^) anyway, today i'm showcasing ten hot trends for spring shoes. (that of course... we'll have to wait until the sun is out to buy.) in any case...

1. Bold Colours.
This is a big trend for all of spring fashion and there's no better way to showcase it than with your shoes. Not surprsingly, i picked some of my favourite colours for this one. I have a crazy crush on coral. I keep buying EVERYTHING in coral. And if I can find these shoes at Payless (American Eagle, $20) i'll totally buy them too. And i'm loving these bright pink barbie shoes from Town Shoes, even though i'll never get 'em cause they retail somewhere in the vicinity of $130.

2. Fringe/Boho.
Fringe is cute on boots and sandals too! Unleashing your inner hippie with boho inspired shoes. Minnetonka Boots, $55 at Boho sandals, Town Shoes, $99.95.
3. Gladiators.
Whether you love them or hate them, they're back again this season. To make them more wearable, don't go for the type that wrap all the way up the knee. A flat pair looks good with both dresses and shorts. Gladiator inspired heels are another cool alternative. Flat Sandal: Matt Berson Gladiator, Piperlime, $170. Heel: Payless, $24.99
4. "Green" Shoes
Going green has never been cooler! Look out for shoes like this one from Keds that uses recycled materials. Keds, $55.
5. Metallics.
The metallicstrend has returned again for this summer. They're easy to incorporate into your wardrobe. Just do flats! (Sterling Shoes, Jessica Simpson, $99). Try 'em out in gold, silver, copper or bronze. I'm drooling over those sandals with the ankle cuff. (Sterling again, $80)

Click continue reading to see the rest of the shoes!

6. Tribal/Exotic/Ethnic.
Tribal-inspired shoes go really well with warm colours. The reptile ones are from sterling shoes ($45) and the flip flops are from American Eagle ($30).

7. Neutrals.
Thank goodness they're in. They go with everything and they can make your legs look longer. To be honest though, I'm not sure if it really works for brown legs. Like, am I supposed to wear deep brown shoes? I can't tell! I'll have to try on a pair and let you know! Both of these are really cute, at any rate. Aren't the ones on the left cool! (Piperlime, $50). And check out the ones from payless, a little bit of a gladiator influence, no? Retails for $30.

8. Caged/Cutouts.
This season, the more straps the better! I like this trend. They'll never fall of your foot! =) (My number one sandal gripe.) Black Sandal: Town Shoes, $125. Brown caged shoes, Piperlime, $188.

9. Studded/Embellished.
Definitely on the edgier side of the spectrum. But they help toughen up really sweet looks as well. Bianca Studded Sandal, Delia's, $39.50

10. Canvas Shoes/Plimsolls
Now i never actually read this one anywhere, but i've certainly seen a lot of people on campus wearing them. And they're so cute! And cheap. I've featured two from Keds that retail for $35. But H&M has some really cute pairs for about $15! If i'm going to by any shoe this season this is FOR SURE going to be it.

i'm sorry that a lot of this was so rambly! i'll come back and fix it i promise! and i'm well aware these aren't realistic prices. i mostly just needed pictures of the shoes i was talking about. and now that i know what i'm looking for, i'll scour the malls to find you hot shoes at awesome prices! alright. i've got some homework to do. later my lovelies!