i'm not gonna lie i'm on the computer ALOT; reading up on fashion blogs, piddling around on perez (>.<), and scouring the webernet for blog ideas! here are the best things i found on the internet this week!

ONE // the cupcake table of elements

me? cupcake obsessed? you don't say. this was published a while ago, but i only recently found it. i love the way women's day has laid it out. there are so many i want to try! there are some you can make from scratch and some that build upon cake mixes, with all sort of new decorating ideas. *dreamy sigh.* check them out.

TWO // drake bell news

again, i'm not thinking people out there are quite as drake bell obsessed as i am, but i read on just jared that he may have a new new show on CBS this fall! it's not on imdb yet, so all of my fingers (all of them!) are crossed! mm, and i read a few months ago that michael seater was supposed to have a new show in autumn '09, i'll keep you posted!

THREE // picture perfect

i can free admite i'm a camera whore, and college fashion is one of my favourite blogs to read, so i was all over brianna's article about taking better pictures, though this will be a little difficult while my camera's in the repair shop =( i really liked all her tips. not just for good pictures, but for maintaing a good apperance all-round.

FOUR // spring fashion checklist

over at budgetbabe, they put together a list of all the essential items for spring 09. i'm not necessarily going to go run out and buy all of them, since they may not be in style by next year, but it is nice to see such a thorough list of everything together!

FIVE // spring makeup

this week allure broke down the new makeup trends they went over hot colours this season and the best way to wear them for each skin tone. it's cool that they showcase products from all sides of the spectrum. i always appreciate that =)

and that was it! today was definitely the best day in my week, manicure and some MAJOR retail therapy with linda. i got pink nails, and three dresses! can't wait to wear them. hopefully warmer weather is on its way! let me know what you think of the new section, you don't have to be a livejournal member to leave a comment, let me know you dropped by!