(song of the day: here comes the sun, the beatles)

i hope it was beautiful where you live! today was tyhe first sunny day we've had in a while. i wore a dress (with tights, bien sur). but today i'm cataloging the good hair day i had on sunday!!! one of these days though, i'm going to get ready with enough time to take pictures BEFORE i go out so you can see what they really look like! one day though. haha! so! there's a number of things i'd like to call attention to in this top picture. the first being the light purple nail polish (OPI's done out in deco) that managed to last relatively chip free for the last SIX days! (read up on what i found about preventing chips here!) it did take me almost 45 minutes, but i haven't had to do touchups all week! so i'd definitely say it was worth it. unfortunately i don't have a better close up of the makeup. but my eyes were gold and blue!

because we're cataloguing, some detailed info. first i swept cover girl eye enhancers in golden sunrise all over my lids, and then i put a dusty stripe of annabelle's single eyeshadow in bleu nuit along the upper lash line. crazy? yes. but very cool. though i do have to say, this might look a little different if you don't have darker skin. although you're welcome to try it! if you're going to go with blue, i suggest one like bleu nuit, cause it's not TOO bold, or light... or too nineties =P haha. on to hair!

have you heard about bumpits? i've been hearing about them everywhere lately. and i'm slowly beginning to wade my way into it. for sunday service i tried to add a little bump to my regular half updo. it was pretty cute if i do say so myself. but it was hard for me to get it to stay! i took the top part of my hair and used a hairdryer and a round brush to poof it up from underneath. then i clipped it kind of in the middle of my head and hair sprayed the thing like crazy. (i actually use a drug store brand natural hairspray. it smells good - not like aerosol- and holds pretty well!) then i did my bangs and kinda flipped the ends out a little. because my hair was being so co-operative i decided to try and curl my hair for youth group at night.

i'm not sure you can really appreciate just how HARD it is to curl relaxed hair. like you really have no idea. i've had curly hair maybe three times in my entire life?? and the other two times i had to get my hairdresser to do it. i have a curling iron by revlon and i only really curled it from about half way down (i only had an hour) and i still think it looked okay! i got lots of compliments so that was nice! the only makeup i wore was blush (again, revlon's creme blush in blushing mauve) because i didn't want to make it look like i was trying to hard (which i was). but it totally paid off cause i got to talk to the guy i wanted. teehee! (and did i mention how AWESOME kristen is? she waited around for me to gather my cahones and talk to the guy so we could leave. beyond awesome)

anyway, my cousins are over! it's time for me to stop being so anti-social. have a good night!!