Original Post Date: March 2, 2009
happy march everyone! i am so ready for spring it's not even funny. i've been eyeing this pair of shorts from American Eagle and i'm not sure how long i can hold off buying them. i suppose one hindrance is that my bank account is practically zero. it's scary! and i didn't even go to the mall that much last month, it's all movie stuff. i'm not even sure how i managed to see SEVEN movies in theatres in the shortest month of the year! craaaazy. here are the films i'll be shelling out for in the next two months in order of their most exciting!


1 ► Monsters vs. Aliens (March 27)

i'm not gonna lie the, main reason i'm excited for this one is mostly the voice talent. will arnett, rainn wilson, reese witherspoon, kiefer sutherland, hugh laurie, seth rogen, the list goes on. and on top of that it actually looks really funny! i'm not sure who i'll drag with me to see it quite yet, but i'm sure i'll find someone! =)

2 ► Duplicity (March 20)

i love this type of movie! julie roberts and clive owen star as corporate spies, with a seemingly romantic past, who team up to pull off one last big con. it looks to be part con movie, part romantic comedy. i'm excited!

3 ► I Love You, Man (March 20)

it's safe to admit the only reason i'll be seeing this one is because i'm absolutely in love with paul rudd. he stars as this guy who doesn't have a single guy friend so he goes on a series of man dates to try and find someone to be the best man at his wedding. andy sambergs in it too ♥

4 ► Watchmen (March 6)

i'm actually not too interested in this one. which is weird for me, cause i usually devour comic book movies of all types. but i don't know this time. even still, someone will probably want to see it with me, and i'll probably go along. haha.

5 ► Adventureland (March 27)

this movie has the potential to be really good, as long as kristen stewart doesn't wreck it, that is. jessie eisenberg stars as college grad who takes a summer job at a dinky amusement park. and it's made by the same guys who made superbad, and it looks just as funny but a little less crass, so i'll probably go see it.

UPDATE: i just read that adventureland got pushed back to april 3rd!


6 ► 17 Again (April 17)

i haven't been this excited about a movie since... high school musical 3, admittedly >.< weeks ="P"> confession time! i absolutely loved the fast and the furious. the sequels didn't even compare. but i'll totally be in line for this one now that they've got the main cast together! i'm a closet vin diesel fan =P andddd the trailer for this one just looks absolutely amazing. like when they hijack that gasonline truck? not really sure what the plot of it will be, but we all know that's not really the point of it anyway.

9 ► Fighting (April 24)

i'm not such a fan of this one either, but i've an unspoken promise to see every movie channing tatum is in. especially this one, now that he's let his hair grow out. deeeelicious.

10 ► Observe and Report (April 10)

this is like a WAY less family version of paul blart: mall cop. it's about a bipolar mall security guard trying to hunt down a flasher. i'll see this because it stars seth rogen and i absolutely refuse to see the hannah montana or dragon ball z movies.

that's it for me! most of my summaries were borrowed from IMDb so be sure to check them all out there =) what movies are you most looking forward to?

ciao for now!