Orginal Post Date: February 9, 2009
Song of the Day: Rock N Roll, Eric Hutchinson
Blush: TruCheeks by Cover Girl
Hoodie: American Eagle, $45
Crochet Beret: Target, $9

hey! i've found a new favourite! today was my day off, and i was only walking (yes walking, the queen of taxis took a walk today) down to the video store but i didn't want to be all slouchy and gross. back in september i made a resolution never to take a day off when it came down to syle. not saying i can't wear comfortable clothes, but i'm not picking up whatever's on my floor anymore. (there were too many incidents where i was wearing dirty, mismatched things and i ran into people i usually aim to impress. the memories have left lasting scars.)

anyway, so i was just wearing a hoodie and jeans, and didn't want to pile on the makeup. i've already mentioned I buy a lot of stuff I never use. this morning when i was digging through the annexes of my makeup box i found this blush palette i'd bought a few months ago cause i'd seen it in a magazine. (yeah, sadly, i'm one of those.) it was still in its package >.< but today i finally unwrapped it.

and i'm absolutely in love with it! it went on really nicely and actually looked really natural! which is refreshing. pink is one of my favourite colours but often looks a little clownish on my face. the blush that i usually wear (when i do wear it) is a lot closer to my skin tone, it's not really all that noticeable. definitely not as pink as this one. but i'll definitely be using this one more often, it's the only makeup i wore today and it brightened up my whole face. and my day! i think it's because you have to smile to put it on =)

usually i hate doing anything on my day off. not getting dressed and certainly not actually leaving the house. feels too much like work. but i made the most of it! i flirted with this guy at the video store. he was really cute in this emo-ish kinda way. we had a rousing conversation about star wars haha. (i was NOT happy about losing my star wars virginity for film class, but i'm getting over it) anyway, when i went to the bank i had a really conversation with a guy there (that i'm not gonna call flirting because he was kind of old, haha) but i usually i don't do that sort of thing, it's the blush i tell you! haha. and then at the grocery lab, i helped this old lady bring groceries to her car. and then i sang all the way home. and i spread that happiness on to a friend who was upset, and made them giddy too. my bff jenn told me that each happy friend you have gives you a 9% high chance of being happy yourself. which isn't surprising, cause on the whole i really do have a lot of happy friends. haha. oh wow. i sound SO ridiculous right now, i'm sure i'm going to hate reading this on a bad day. haha.

anyway. i hope your day is going just as well!


p.s. and i do reccomend you check out that song by eric hutchinson. it's so catchy. (thanks rachel, for that intro). he's amazing!