ONE // the new west side
as west side story is one of my favourite movies, this is one of the best things EVER! honestly, i was SO happy when i found these. though i'm betting they won't make you as happy as they made me, haha. anyway, this week west side story finally returned to broadway. (i would kill to get tickets. SERIOUSLY.) as a web exclusive for vanity fair, photographer mark seliger recreated scenes from the 1961 smash hit. the portfolio is AMAZING. he recast camilla belle as maria. she looks so much like natalie wood, it's a little creepy! ben barnes is an odd choice for tony, but seliger makes it work. there's a whole bunch of people in there too: jennifer lopez, brandon t. jackson (the only legitimate black in tropic thunder), cam gigandet (of the o.c.), robert pattinson (*eyeroll*), chris evans (push, fantastic four), ashley tisdale, brittany snow, sean faris (yours, mine & ours) and drake bell (one of my resident first loves).

TWO // weirdest/most amazing video ever, mostly the weirdest...
mm. so i got this one off rainn wilson's twitter (thanks linda for introducing addicting me to that one) and it was fantastic! it was kind of creepy, but amazing to watch at the same time. the video is shot stop motion style, which you HAVE to appreciate. i can only imagine all the time and thought that must have gone into this. i thoroughly suggest you check it out if you haven't already done so.

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

THREE // twenty-five things
this one's another twitter find. from rainn wilson... again. haha. i might be in love with him (weird, i know) his edition of facebook's 25 things was actually had me laughing out loud. check it out.

FOUR // use what's in your closet
thank goodness for stylebakery! i've been going into major shopping withdrawal lately. i'm in a particular paradox. no money = no clothes. it's nothing short of awful i assure you. one of my least favourite things about fashion is how flighty it is. their article shows you fifteen spring trends that you can probably already find in your closet.

FIVE // the undo button
if you haven't done this yourself i'm sure you've heard of someone who has! they write that message that's supposed to go to ANYONE but the person it's actually sent to. i had a friend once who was writing an email to her mom ranting about a friend and somehow it accidentally got sent to the exact friend she was ranting about! i remember helping her come up with some twisted lie to get her out of it. but if your on gmail those days are behind you! i was reading about this on college candy, gmail's finally perfected the undo button. if you send something you have a five-second window to hit undo. for me, i know this'll come in handy when i'm sending someone a school assignment and of course, have forgotten to attach the file. if you don't have this feature already, check up on how to fix it at the official gmail blog . man, i wish life had a button like this!

and that's it for me till monday! have a good one!