shwew! didn't have time to write yesterday was i was working on a paper. one i should have started WEEKS ago mind you. but you know me, i've left it to the last two days, as always. so now i'm stuck inside (though that's not SO bad, considering the gale force winds) slaving away over a hot laptop. i'll make up the missed entry i promise. here's the best ofs for this week!

ONE // cool-girl style
not sure how i feel about the name, but i realy do like the eight ideas that glamour puts forward in getting that "cool-girl" style.

TWO // speaking of style
megan over at charade is sharing her secrets to developing your style . be sure to track the series as it goes on! i know i will :)

THREE // single ladies
early this week jill (from college candy) blogged about why she
loves being single
. her list made me laugh =P

FOUR // shopping = period?
i'm betting you've heard this one, i've read it everywhere but read it on perez first. a new study has found linked excessive shopping to when you get your period. when i first read it i was excited to think that i could find a scientific reason to blame for my crazy spending. but it totally isn't, cause they only found that woman shop most for a few days a month, whereas i want so shop EVERY day. hahaha.

FIVE // word nerd.
as if you didn't know, i'm a HUGE nerd when it comes to nerd. i found this website that is dedicated to saving the words that go extinct from Oxford's dictionary each year. they let you adopt a word and give you a little certificate to prove it (below). and in return i've just got to use the word pigritude (laziness) as much as i can. imna find a way to use it in this blog sometimes in the next week!

mm. supposed to be going out with my cousin for sushi soon. have a happy saturday my dear ones!