original post date: april 3, 2009
(song of the day: the fear, lily allen)

story time! imagine there's a father and a daughter. the daughter, is beautiful, smart, if maybe a little too bookish. and the father is kind of bumbly but loveable none the less. and one day the father is kidnapped by a ruthless... very hairy guy, who holds him hostage. the daughter goes looking for her father, and when she finds him, takes her father's place as the villain's captive. while her father goes free, she's stuck with the villain forever. yet somehow, after enough times go by, the girl falls in love with the villain.

and there you have it! me and my friend suze were trying to find out just why girls fall for the beast. i mean, on a personal note? i think it's the musical numbers that really get me. and it's true, even though the beast/prince had been horrible his ENTIRE life, he does turn out to be a standup guy. and suze pointed out that a lot of people think that this translates to real life. but i think for the most part, what you see is what you get. people are bad are just bad. and we still seem to fall for them anyway.

i'm speaking in generalities here. i mean, some women do have the good sense to stay away from the bad boys of the world. i know i don't. i can think of plenty of "beasts" in my romantic history. there was one guy in particular that it took forever for me to get over and he was totally not right for me. i mean, i KNEW he was going to treat me badly, and somehow i still didn't seem to care. and why is that? i hit the streets, i did some research, i asked around. but no one really had a definitive answer. what i found, after the jump...

there are some girls who like a challenge. but i'm pretty sure i'm not one of them. you know how i'm prone to pigritude. (ha! score one!)

some girls like a fixer uppper. someone they can change. again not me, because again, it's way too much work.

some girls like the sense of adventure. and while it's true that this wil
d, crazy guy will probably never be boring, but getting my heart broken isn't exactly my idea of fun.

i somehow got to this forum that was primarily aimed at guys (who were asking the same question i was). and one guy rather chauvinistically thought that bad guys were just really good at playing girls into thinking they want them. (confused? hah. i was too. silly insights from the guy mind)

another guy from the same site just pointed out that some girls are addicted to drama. (which i'll admit, sometimes may be true.)

i stopped and just thought about it. and i agree with part of what i found. i always try to give people the benefit of the doubt. there may be a bit of me that hopes people will change. i want to see the good in everyone (not just guys)

but when i liked that "beast"/guy, even though he was hurting me even while we weren't going out, i couldn't stop thinking about what it would mean if he liked me. i mean it's almost too easy to be with a good guy. but if this wild crazy wild guy who could have anyone chooses you. even if only for a moment, he likes you, it's just worth so much more. would you agree? or do you have a different reason?

there's no real resolution here, i'm just thinking....