Original Post Date: March 16, 2009
(song of the day: chasing pavements, adele)

happy monday to you! i'm hoping it's a good one. i'm so sorry i neglected to write anything the last two days, i didn't mean to take the weekend off! i'm hoping you had a good one. mine ended up being really busy. hanging with linda on friday was awesome! i chipped my manicure the next day at work, but it's still all good. the truffles i made were AMAZING. saturday my cold got worse, i still sound like a man, but i got my new phone, and i'm absolutely in LOVE with it! then i went over to rachel's house and that was fun too. we (and by we i mean kendra) took warrior for a walk, and stopped at a playground. i always forget how fun the swings are. sunday, i wore one of my new dresses and got a lot of compliments (can't lie, that's my favourite. i'm probably going to catalogue the look later, cause i'm still not sure that's the best way to wear it) my mom had to go for this MRI scan thinger, so our family spent time together before she went in. mm! and we went to a sushi bar! i totally ate too much. then i came home and watched paschendaele (kendra's choice) and to get those bad images out of my head we watched lion king until 2am.

but then the weekend was over. and the prospect of starting a new school week is more than daunting, it's downright depressing. especially last time, i let a rough week take my to some very dark places emotionally, mentally, spiritually. and it's weird, cause there are days when i feel like i'm the last person who needs to remember to be optimistc, haha. i've got a pretty grueling week ahead of me too. i've got three major assignments in four of my classes, and i still haven't really sorted things out with my mom. as in, i'm still enrolled in my french program and we haven't really gotten around to talking about it yet. there's a bunch of other stuff too. soooo i scoured the internet (and this month's Cosmo) for ways to make the weekdays feel like the weekend! =)

part of what makes the weekends so great is that they're relaxing. one of the best ways to accomplish that on the weekdays is to just get more sleep. i know it's like ridiculously benficial for you, and still won't do it. but i love when you wake up and feel actually energized. eating breakfast is another one of those tips that i always hears and never do. and i mean real breakfast, not just poptarts and icecream like i usually do. and i know it's super hard to do but it IS possible if you set time aside to do it. i can always make time for the things i actually want to do, i just have to make more time for it. even though i hardly do it, i'm a huge advocate for yoga (if you like, i'll show you my favourite pose sometime this week!) i like that you have to be kinda calm to do it. it's a good way to ground yourself in the morning. i found that spending time with someone helps too. often when i'm upset about things i completely withdraw. but hanging is so good! and it really makes me feel better after i talk about things, even when i don't want do. and with all the good weather, i'm thinking it's about time i did something outside for once. according to cosmo, a recent study found that staring at a blue skiy can help you tune out stress. and who doesn't need that?

but i think the most important thing is to think positively. interesting quote by abraham lincoln "most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be." even though it's super hard to do, but when i go into things i don't like with a better attitude i realize they're usually not as bad as i thought they'd be. that's all for now, here's to better days!