haha. this is a way random topic to blog about i know. but i've always said i blog about what bothers me. and who doesn't HATE it when your eye twitches?!

and my eye has been twitching for the last TEN days. i can't take it anymore. i had to research what's up. first thing i learned? the good thing is, eye twitches are just muscle spasms, so generally there's no long term side effect.

they can be triggered by a number of different factors. sometimes environmental, physiological, and some are psychological in nature. the most common reasons include:

  • over consumption of caffeine (not likely... unless sugar can do the same thing)
  • physical or emotional stress (mm. maybe?)
  • epilepsy (nope)
  • anxiety or phobias (not that i know of?)
  • brain damage or other neurological disorders (pretty sure i don't)
  • it's been associated with temper tantrums ( ugh. haven't had any of these recently. or at least too recently)
  • eye stress has been associated with extended viewing of the computer screen (oh dear.... we may have a winner here.)
i asked my mom about it (as usual) and she says that all these reason are just subsections of the real one: being tired. when your brain is exhausted it loses its abiltity to control those fine msucles that you usually have control over. the result? a twitchy eye. mom pointed out that i haven't been sleeping well lately. mom says, it's either that or a brain tumour. thanks -_-"

most of the time an eye twitch will go away on its own. anyway, a little more research probed some good cures:
  • sleeping (of course)
  • try to relax.
  • try to eliminate stress from your life (easier said than done!)
  • limit your caffeine intake
  • take more frequent breaks from the computer (never!)
  • apply warm compresses to the twitching eye and gently massage the eyelid with your fingers.

i'm defs going to try that last one in a minute. i'll let you know how it goes! i did read though that if the problem persists for more than a week you should go see your doctor. there's always a chance that it could be an indicator of a more serious neurological voice. i read if your face begins to twitch outside of the eye area (cheeks, mouth etc.) you should get it checked out asap.hope this helps!!

i always hope it's sunny where you live. i'm gonna be breaking out my first spring dress today, SANS tights! i have a feeling it's gonna be a gooder.

-later! ♥