(song of the day: fall into place, apartment)

heyhey! anyone else find it's ten thousand more times harder to drag yourself to school when it's raining? after all that happened yesterday i'm super tired, and the idea of staying home this morning was wayyyy too tempting. i chickened out of the forever21 outfit. it was raining a lot more than i thought and rain and tights are not a winning combination. maybe tomorrow though, cause i'm seeing a certain someone, again. (this whole week there's been a boy overload! i'm running out of outfit ideas!)

haha, but anyway, on to my obsession du jour! and it's none other than the joe makeup i was talking about a few days ago. after my shift on saturday i went out and tried a few. this is the stuff i got. two lip stains in watermelon (on the right) and sheer pink (far left).

does that look like watermelon to you? i think not! i had this problem with the covergirl lip stain i bought too. i'm not sure if it's because of my natural lip pigment, but lip stains for me never look the way they do in the tube. lip stains are great, but i strongly advise you to test them out as thoroughly as you can.

but that's the only bad thing i have to say about them really! the first time i tried them and my pink stain yielded this very red results i was a little miffed, but today i rolled with it! in fact, this look is definitely a contender for the red lip thing i posted about a few weeks ago. lip stains are great, they feel a little silly putting them on. they're literally like a marker. when i was putting it on in the bathroom today some girl was like "what is that?" but after i explained it she thought it was really cool.

which it is! it's not sticky, and once it dries it doesn't feel like you're wearing anything at all. it's actually pretty weird. being weightless! i do have to say, the covergirl one does last a little bit longer, this one didn't make it through the whole day, but this one's well worth the $6! i rate it 7 out of 10.

but i have to say my favourite is the cheek stain (the short one in the middle). i've never tried one before and i have to admit, it was a little different than i thought it would be. i think i was expecting it to be more liquid, but it's kind of like smearing chapstick on your face. haha. that said, it's easy enough to use. you just have to work it in with your fingers. but i love the way it looks. i got it in peach. le perfect spring/summer colour! and it actually showed up on my skin, whoopwhoop! this one gets an 8 from me!

this is what i wore to shoeless joe's yesterday. are you feeling my new haircut? there are some moments where i reach my hand up and freak out cause there's nothing there anymore! but when i look at it i love it! are you changing / have you changed your hair for spring? how?

ciao for now!