(song of the day: chasing pavements, adele)

ahhh. today's one of those days that could've gone better. definitely more shower than sun. but i suppose sometimes that's the way it goes. even still the most distressing thing that happened was something i saw today in english class.

a girl walked in with the strangest pair of leggings i'd ever seen. they were light blue, but well worn in, they had those little fuzz balls all over them? and as i kept looking i saw the faded design of a pocket, the fake stitching of a fly, and realized they were made to look like jeans! i think my mouth dropped open. leggings like these, even while worn in irony are NOT good.

leggings are hardly a new thing. and it doesn't look like they're going anywhere when it comes to practical everyday fashion. actually, a lot of eighties trends are making a comeback these days. even though leggings weren't running rampant on the runways like years past, they're still popular down here on earth. i'll admit, they had more longevity than i thought they would. but sunshowerstyle is more about practicality. leggings are still in full force here on campus! but apparently SOME people have forgotten how to wear them. so here's a refresher on how to wear leggings you girls of York U.

dear girl in english tutorial, listen carefully now, leggings are NOT pants. there's really no way around this. even you find a pair of leggings that for some reason have stencilled pant pockets on them. (ugh. i really can't get over that, who would even DESIGN such a thing!) it is NOT appropraite to wear a pair of leggings with a short shirt/tee/hoodie. leggings are cool with tunics, dresses and long tops. and sure, every college girl knows leggings are perfect comfortable with a hoodie, but inside the house. if you're going out, cover that bum/crotch/camel toe (yes girl passing by Scott Library, i'm talking to you!)

on the other end of things, choose a legging length that's right with you. capri length leggings were super popular for a turn, but i've seen a lot of people sporting the ankle length version all over campus. with a (long) striped top and long cardigan, it looks super cute! the longer your leggings are, the longer it'll make your legs look. don't go to short. anything above mid-calf completely dwarfs you... or make you look like kimmie gibbler.


dear girl spotted in the squad, leggings in white are NOT your best move. leggings in black are slimming and tasteful. i mean, totally go for neon if your into that sort of thing, but just remember putting brighter colours on your lower half and tend to make you look wider there.

dear girl on the GO bus, i love getting the most out of your clothes as much as the next person, but i'm afraid it's just time to throw those leggings out. leggings should be completely opaque. if they thin out, as yours have, shell out the money for a new pair. you can get 'em under $20 tons of places. (off the top of my head, try urban behaviour or h&m,) if they're sheer, they're just pantihose. and that's a whole other story.

some other ideas. if you feel the need to try the need for something new, try liquid leggings. kind of a hipster vibe. if i wasn't such a chicken i'd get a pair. additionally, leggings go really well with a lot of shoes? but stick to flats to keep it simple. and for the love of god, please not crocs. i've heard there are a lot of guys who don't like this trend, and i think they'd see it was really cute if it was just worn right!

some other links. if you want to see how the celebs are doing it, check this blog i just found. it's called celebsinleggings, and literally is just pictures of celebs in leggings... haha. but i've added quite a few of the pics to my lookbook! also, find out the best way to wear leggings for your body type over at elle canada.

alrighty, that's all i can handle! i'm dead tired. later!