Original Post Date: February 10, 2009

(Song Of the Day: Dark Blue, Jack's Mannequin)

usually, I don't spend too much time worrying about weight. back in middle school it was probably ALL I thought about. I was such a chubster! but luckily I grew taller and everything kind of sorted itself out. but even though it's not something i spend too much time worrying about i had to hop on the scale this morning after my dad told me "have you put on weight?" (yes, the man had four sisters, and lives with three women and is STILL that insensitive.)

but he was right! and i totally did that thing where you take off your sweater to try and get it down to less, but then i remembered i'm on my period, and i'm told that always skewers things a bit. (or at least, that's what i'm telling myself now =P haha) but there were the twelve weeks i spent on the couch while my school was on strike. so maybe today's measurement is closer to the truth than i thought! anyway, there's a number that i've always set for myself. Like "once you hit this number, you're metabolism has officially conked out on you, get to the gym." and i'm actually getting close! It was frightening. (and put a definite damper on the day, not even my pink blush could save me =P)

but i will do anything to avoid the gym. and i mean ANYTHING. just the very mention of the word makes me feel sick and all panicky. i'm not even sure why. i've never really been in one. i do get horrible flashes of gym classes past. or, maybe it's because i have this inexplicable fear of sweating in public. which means people rarely see me play sports, even though i'm secretly okay at some ;)

exercise for people who hate exercise. that's what i typed into google and i got a slew of good ideas. and i'm determined to at least try and stick to ONE before this week is over. (and I'm going to need one if I'm going to be having two dozen cupcakes on saturday.) here we go.

  • Wii Fit. not surprisingly, this is the first thing that came up. and I have one! I used to go on it all the time. and I lost like... a pound a week when i was barely doing it at all. but then I missed a week when i went on vacation (in august) and i haven't been back on because i hate the way the board yells at you when you miss a day. and I haven't been on since AUGUST. but I hate being yelled at, even my inanimate objects. but I CAN face that white rectangular monster! If I could only find it...
  • Yoga. In the summer I used to be really into yoga. It started yes, because of WiiFit but I used to be really into it. As in I did it every morning. I rented a few books and videos. And then it just stopped. But it's so relaxing! And for a few weeks there, I was so flexible!
  • Dancing. i kind of dance around all the time. while i'm getting dressed, sometimes while i'm watching TV, while i'm eating (but this one sometimes usually ends in choking). but I read that I should put a few minutes aside and actually just dance (da doo doo! Ten points if you get the reference). today i read that several 10 minute bursts each day can be as effective as working out for 30 minutes. so that might be something to try.
  • Walking. i'll be the first to admit i'm REALLY lazy. i cab it everywhere! and if i don't feel like paying, and i can't go to ride, i usually just don't go. usually, the only place i willingly walk in is the mall. (and i'm not certain that counts.) but i'm going to try and walk more. like yesterday, when i went down to the video store and i had my music blasting, it was actually really fun! and I got some serious thinking done. It's a multifaceted activity that i will try to do more often.
  • Hula Hooping. now that the weather is kind of starting to warm up, it's go me thinking about bikini season. (i hear there may even be a cruise in my future!) and i don't need it to look like there is a cupcake spilling over my waist. pahahaha. but this posed a problem. crunches, as a concept, make me want to cry. good old google. when i added "abs" to my search, this was the first thing that came up. hula hooping is so retro and cute you wouldn't think it'd be great for your stomach too! and they mention it in that alvin and the chipmunks song! so I think I might try this one. granted, i will have to do some digging in my garage to find the hula hoop we had...

i'm happy with these "anti-exercise" ideas. i can't promise I'll do ALL of them. but I'm definitely going to try to do something? hold me to it! =)


P.S. do you have a resolution for this week?