original post date: march 26, 2009
(song of the day: i do not hook up, kelly clarkson)

occasion: school
leather jacket: (gifted from kendra!)
scarf: (gifted from kristen!)
white graphic thermal: american eagle, $15
dark grey tank, worn underneath: (gifted from vicki!)
jeans: aerospotale, $20
chucks: (gifted from kendra!)
heyheyhey! hope you're having a terrific thursday! today's catalogued look is actually pretty fun. kay. so this morning, i accidentally turned off my alarm instead of snoozing and was all prepared to jump in to my usual "what should i wear" panic. but not today! i booted up my computer and followed my own advice! usually, i don't recommend doing too many things at once, but today it worked. today was a grey day, and i kind of built an outfit too match. no bright pops of colour for me! i did two shirt layers and then the whole leather sweater thing and i wasn't cold all day! it was awesome. that and i got a compliment on it. score! i actually wasn't going to wear the scarf but grabbed it at the last minue and actually really liked the way it came together. and i was actually really comfortable, when i'm usually not.

a close up, of makeup.

i maybe should've taken these at the beginning of the day, cause i had that smokey eye thing going on, but clearly i rubbed it off. and i also should have taken off my glasses, haha. the beauty of hindsight. anyway, some product info. rimmel colour rush quad in smokey noir. with both darker shades on the top and both lighter on the bottom. i used a thin line of eyeliner. (the nyx slim pencil in blackberry) i also used revlon creme blush in blushing mauve, and rimmel's sexy curve mascara in extreme black. ooh and look! pastel purple nails, as promised! and the resident braid. haha.

and i'm just going to put the rest of the pictures up here after the jump, cause i was kinda happy how the rest of them turned out and i don't really have any place else to put them.

that's all from me! have a happy thursday!