(song of the day: beautiful soul, jesse mccartney)

i'm not sure why, but when i woke up, i knew it was a jesse mccartney day. haha. so HOW depressing was it to have snow on the ground today! i was SO ready to banish my boots to the back of the closet (and don't even get me started on my winter coat). i've got to rush this one cause it's getting late and i've still got homework to do. and forgive me for not spelling out of pure pigritude (two points!) that and there was a new episode of fringe. (eeee ^^) anyway, today i'm showcasing ten hot trends for spring shoes. (that of course... we'll have to wait until the sun is out to buy.) in any case...

1. Bold Colours.
This is a big trend for all of spring fashion and there's no better way to showcase it than with your shoes. Not surprsingly, i picked some of my favourite colours for this one. I have a crazy crush on coral. I keep buying EVERYTHING in coral. And if I can find these shoes at Payless (American Eagle, $20) i'll totally buy them too. And i'm loving these bright pink barbie shoes from Town Shoes, even though i'll never get 'em cause they retail somewhere in the vicinity of $130.

2. Fringe/Boho.
Fringe is cute on boots and sandals too! Unleashing your inner hippie with boho inspired shoes. Minnetonka Boots, $55 at Piperlime.com. Boho sandals, Town Shoes, $99.95.
3. Gladiators.
Whether you love them or hate them, they're back again this season. To make them more wearable, don't go for the type that wrap all the way up the knee. A flat pair looks good with both dresses and shorts. Gladiator inspired heels are another cool alternative. Flat Sandal: Matt Berson Gladiator, Piperlime, $170. Heel: Payless, $24.99
4. "Green" Shoes
Going green has never been cooler! Look out for shoes like this one from Keds that uses recycled materials. Keds, $55.
5. Metallics.
The metallicstrend has returned again for this summer. They're easy to incorporate into your wardrobe. Just do flats! (Sterling Shoes, Jessica Simpson, $99). Try 'em out in gold, silver, copper or bronze. I'm drooling over those sandals with the ankle cuff. (Sterling again, $80)

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6. Tribal/Exotic/Ethnic.
Tribal-inspired shoes go really well with warm colours. The reptile ones are from sterling shoes ($45) and the flip flops are from American Eagle ($30).

7. Neutrals.
Thank goodness they're in. They go with everything and they can make your legs look longer. To be honest though, I'm not sure if it really works for brown legs. Like, am I supposed to wear deep brown shoes? I can't tell! I'll have to try on a pair and let you know! Both of these are really cute, at any rate. Aren't the ones on the left cool! (Piperlime, $50). And check out the ones from payless, a little bit of a gladiator influence, no? Retails for $30.

8. Caged/Cutouts.
This season, the more straps the better! I like this trend. They'll never fall of your foot! =) (My number one sandal gripe.) Black Sandal: Town Shoes, $125. Brown caged shoes, Piperlime, $188.

9. Studded/Embellished.
Definitely on the edgier side of the spectrum. But they help toughen up really sweet looks as well. Bianca Studded Sandal, Delia's, $39.50

10. Canvas Shoes/Plimsolls
Now i never actually read this one anywhere, but i've certainly seen a lot of people on campus wearing them. And they're so cute! And cheap. I've featured two from Keds that retail for $35. But H&M has some really cute pairs for about $15! If i'm going to by any shoe this season this is FOR SURE going to be it.

i'm sorry that a lot of this was so rambly! i'll come back and fix it i promise! and i'm well aware these aren't realistic prices. i mostly just needed pictures of the shoes i was talking about. and now that i know what i'm looking for, i'll scour the malls to find you hot shoes at awesome prices! alright. i've got some homework to do. later my lovelies!