hey hey. new section, AGAIN! i'm all about changing things up. (and there's one more change coming... probably somewhere around monday, please tell me you're as excited as i am!) i'm calling it apple a day, cause i'm all about keeping the doctor away! (haha. okay. lameness over.) it's time to get serious. my sister (the only one who is FORCED to read this blog) pointed out that it's a lot like a magazine except that it's got no relationship section and no health section. i know absolutely NOTHING about guys but at least health i can research! and i should too. i FEEL fat. and i know as soon as i say that a thousand people jump at me telling me i'm wrong. and i can't blame them! that's what good friends do! but no matter what i look like or what the scale says i'm a very unhealthy person. hagen dazs for breakfast isn't exactly part of a balanced diet. consider my diet today: a chocolate chip muffin, sweet potato fries, and funnel cake. and that was it for the whole day! it's awful! and on top of that, i've been sporadically keeping up with my 10 minute spurts of cardio, but not as much as i was before. i LOVE my metabolism, but it occured to me recently that it might not always be able to keep up with me. and as much as i don't want to hear it, people are right in saying that i need to start making changes now. so in this section i'll be bringing you more yoga poses and other quick exercises, random dr. questions i ask my mom, healthy snacks and much more! let me know how it goes!

to start, i want to talk about apples! fitting, no? turns out the apple a day thing isn't actually a myth. there are tons of benefits to eating apples.


* can helped you lose weight! they have fibre that allows to feel full faster and not eat as much (it regulates bowl movements too!)
* prevent heart disease because they contain flavonoids (they work like anti-oxidants)
* prevent cancers such as colon cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer and breast cancer in women
* can contribute to a healthy smile and fresh breath
* contain phenols that increase the good cholesterol and reduce the bad cholesterol (score!)
* lower your risk for metabolic syndrome (a bunch of risk factors that can lead to heart attacks, strokes and type 2 diabetes
* contain phytonutrients which reduce your chance for brain diseases like alzheimers and parkinsons.
* taste good!

so it's not as much of a myth as i thought! (though my mom would like to add, all fruits and vegetables are good, not just apples! and your supposed to have 5-10 a day. pah. i don't think i've EVER made 10 in one day) all this talk about apples has made me hungry again! now if only we had some in the fridge! =(