about the site:

have you ever seen a sunshower? it's where the rain falls but the sun is shining. i absolutely LOVE them. i think in life, you've got to remember that the sun is always above the rain that's coming down, but it's only in sunshower's that you actually remember it.

i think i've always liked having two things at once. and it's no exception when it comes to my style. here's one of my favourite quotations, from one of my favourite bloggers. "style is not just what you wear. It’s what you do & how you do it." (-gala darling.) that's why i present more than just fashion. style is everything!

don't get me wrong, my style is still evolving and if anything this blog is a means of tracking its progress. and i realize i'll never be snapped by the sartorialist, or get a feature in vogue. and i'm glad for it! i think the fashion i present is a lot more realistic for those of us not living in NYC. all this to say, i like duality. i like being fashionable and comfy too. classy but never dull. extravagant but never expensive.

about me:

let's see.
i'm a style-challanged shopoholic. a writer. a christian. a compulsive giggler. a cartoon enthusiast. a lover and never a fighter.

i couldn't even pretend to have "indier-than-thou" attitude that is so common on fashion blogs. i couldn't be witty if i tried. i'm afraid, i'm just me. but i'm really awesome at it!

thanks for dropping by!