black sweater: forever21, $9
grey plaid shirt: bluenotes, $14
skinny jeans: aeropostale, $20
knee high boots: steve madden, $90
pearl necklaces: made by me!
good evening! i've been intending to start a blog for a while now and when i did i had the full intention of making it about fashion. mostly because i'm addicted to fashion blogs. particularly the ones on, ever read them? they're so witty and cool! i absolutely blogs of any kind, i like knowing what's what. and i finally began to start one, but then it occured to me, that i don't actually know what's what. that's why i read the blogs in the first place. =P but i have no problem regurgitating all the amazing information i take in and offering it back to you! or, as i may sometimes do, sharing what i've been wearing lately.

le voila! today's outfit was really fun. as i mentioned in my first post (intro) i don't wear have of the stuff that's in my closet, so i reached into that abandoned section (it's really dark back there) and pulled out that plaid shirt. for some reason, i was SURE i needed it when i bought it, and then i only wore it once. and then i leant it to a girl at work who borrowed it for like half a year, but it's back now! so yeah, then i grabbed the jeans, and the sweater. but my favourite part is the necklace!

in the summer my mom gave me a bucketful of her old jewellery that included those two pearl necklaces. so for the first one, i wrapped it around my neck twice, then added the other one about midway down with the clasp and a pink bow on the other side. i got a lot of compliments today, so that was nice =)

question; what's the last compliment you got? the best?

anyway, i hope this was interesting for you. more looks to come! =)