nothing much to say today. but i'm determined to try and post at least one thing a day. which is actually proving kind of difficult. here's all i could come up with on a sunday night. for a while now, everyone's been touting this new (but now kind of old) braid trend, and i thought i'd give it a try. and i actually really like it! i tried it last sunday and wore a different variation all week. haha. it's so cute and simple! a nice alternative for me, the queen of just leaving her hair down =P apologies for the bad pic, but it's the only one i had ready.
here's a site you can visit for more braid styles if you care to check them out:

so i saw push and taken today. and taken was actually way better than i expected. which was cool. but then i ran into the HOTTEST guys from church which was certainly NOT expected. i was with my family, and not really dressed for that sort of occasion. you'd have to know these guys, they're so hot it's intimidating. for me anyway. i'm proud i managed to carry a conversation with them without melting into a pool of pathetic.

after the movies, me and my sister rushed home to watch the grammies, and i have to say, my highlights so far are: stevie wonder + jonas brothers = a musical orgasm, ditto the justin timberlake + al green combo, kanye's fro / mullet combo, coming to the realization that paul mccartney will never be "old", jason mraz (i'm not sure if he'll win, but the boy is handsome), josh groban's (small) appearance, the four tops tribute, robin thicke (he's smooth) and making jokes about the whole thing with my sister.
happy sunday!