i'm big into organization and i've grouped sunshower style into several sections. click the headings for the latest articles in each category.

how to; where i break down a skill and how to do it

top ten; i count off a list of ten things

weekly resolve; once in a while, i'll attempt to conquer a new goal.

apple of the day; to keep the doctor away! fitness, food, health and wellness tips.

thoughts; generally just rambles about whatever i've been thinking of

current obsession; i share whatever i'm obsessed with lately

je t'aime; what's caught my eye in a short term sense

love your life; every monday, i stop and look for things to love about life.

best ofs; once a week i share the best posts from other blogs/sites

catalogue; i feature an outfit or face of the day from my wardrobe

quick tip; i offer a bit of advice in 140 characters or less

but the browsing option on the left side of the homepage also groups the articles by subject.

how to; wear leggings
top ten; transitional fashion tips
current obsession; weddings, part 1

how to; exfoliate your lips
current obsession; summer scents
catalogue; ten

health & fitness
apple a day; sleep myths
weekly resolve; the cosmo routine
apple a day; the half circle

top ten; june/july movies
current obsession; tim gunn's guide to quality, taste and style

how to; manage your time

current obsession; budgeting

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