so i have about a THOUSAND extra pics from that tutorial i just did, so i'm cataloguing my makeup look to get rid of a few more of them. i started out using this how to from allure as a base and moved from there.

allure suggested using a dark cocoa shadow, so i used the darkest shade in my revlon colourstay eyeshadow quad all over the lid.

i think brown shadow is SO underrated! especially for night time looks like this one. it gives your eyes just enough shimmer without being like "hey! i've got makeup on." c'est parfait!

i did the usual with my eyeliner and mascara (from nyx and rimmel, respectively). the lip stain that i'm still obsessing over is from joe fresh. and that's it for me! no blush or foundation or anything! well i suppose you could also count my mosturizer (something from bioré). and that's all!

now for clothes, i had a black blazer on, but then it got super hot in my bathroom. i realized later that i should've taken some pics with it on, but didn't really want to take any more pictures. (seriously, i took more than 100 in about an hour's time =S) so in terms of clothes:

dangly earrings: H&M, $5
white tee: walmart, $10
the "latika" scarf: garage, $6

okay now. prepare for massive pic spam, after the jump.

so i just noticed i have this super weird tendency to pull on my scarf! i didn't even realize i did that! soooo strange. anyway, if you made it this far, which picture do you like best? i'm in need of a new facebook profile pic! thanks!