new section. what what? there was no warning because i only decided to do this ten minutes ago. i'm sure most of you are familiar with FML (eff my life) by now. (breif summary: people from all over the world share stories of the crappy things that've happened to them. the stories must start with "today" and end with "fml".) they're unforunate for them, but funny for everyone else. but it seems like more and more (outside the actual website) "fml" is appearing in everyday language from pretty much everyone i know. i think there's definitely a positive side to talking about the bad things that happen do you, but i think sometimes people take it a little too far. i have to say, my weekend wasn't all that good. and the temptation to dwell on the bad was tempting. always remember to love your life!

as a reminder i'm going to list off three great things about my life every monday. (preferrably every monday morning, but as you can see, i'm a little late for today.) jenn and i do something similar, and we kinda got the idea from glamour as well. i'm a firm believer in the power of positive thought, and i've found that whenever we write them it really does help me concentrate on the good.

so the first thing will be something good about today. (and it'll start with today, just like the the real fmls :P) and the second will be something i'm looking forward to. (i don't know about you, but i'm always a lot happier when i've got something to look forward to) and the third will be one thing that could make the day i'm having (whether it's good or bad) even better. it could be a song, a promise, a bible verse, a food, a person? just something to get you through the week. so here we go!

1. today, i was realizing that i take my ability to read for granted. i was doing some standardized testing today, kind've ticked off that i was subject to it. and then i was stuck beside something who was sounding out EVERY word in what was supposed to be a silent test. and first i was really annoyed. but then i realized that the test wouldn't be easy for everyone. and i was reminded of just how i lucky i was to have grown up and gone to school where i did.
2. i'm most looking forward to all the season finales this week! even though i'm sad my shows will be over, i'm totally plotting my weeknights around the tv schedule =P house starts in just a few minutes!
3. one thing that'll make my week: the reese cup ice cream that's in the fridge. i've been doing one question from my homework and then one spoonful of icecream and then repeat! delish!

so that's it for me! i'm not saying it'll work for everone, you don't have to feel the same. it'd be awesome if you did it too! if not in your heads, than in the comments section so i can read it too!

thanks to florian holtje for the picture.