(song of the day: i wanna know you, david archuleta )

heyhey! it's been one crazy week, and unfortunately the next two don't really look like they're going to be any better. but i'm taking a study break to bring you my first tutorial! how to apply a lipstain! here's the before photo! woohoo! okay on second thought, there's nothing really exciting about the before photo, it's the end shot that's the fun. here we go!

1. first things first? you need to exfoliate your lips in whatever way works for you. there's a combo lip gloss and brown sugar scrub that i got from bath and body works and absolutely love. but all you really need is a good scrub with a wash cloth. note that lip stains are meant to sink into your bare lips, so after you've scrubbed them resist the temptation to put a balm on.

UPDATE: check my post on how to exfoliate your lips!

2.next, outline the natural shape of your lips with the lip stain. be sure to drop your jaw and get all the way to the back corners. i don't see any reason why you'd need lip liner for this look. this is mostly to trace the lips and make sure you don't go outside the lines!

3. does it sound like colouring? mostly cause it is! while filling in your lips, i reccomend going in a diagonal direction and moving across both lips until covered. if desired, wait for lips to dry (approx 1 min.) and add another layer for intensity.

4. and there we go! the picture at left is the finished product, but you can totally put a balm or gloss on if you so choose! here is a glossy finished product at right. voila!