(song of the day: 1000 miles, vanessa carlton)

what a week! i have to say though, i'm a little upset that my exams only get worse from here on out. boo. ah well, this weekend has been SO relaxing and it's not even done yet! i'll get to studying... i promise. hahaha. anyway! on with the best ofs!

ONE. if there's one thing you check out, please make it the 1000 awesome things blog! for a few months now, this guy named neil has just been counting down a thousand random things that are well... awesome. he's so funny and optimistic! i love his style. i check it every day and smile every time. (actually, the first day i found it, i spent TWO HOURS reading them all). the "awesome thing" that got me this week was, when you go to the store and find the last of the item you want in your size! awesome!

TWO. bellasugar found this super great idea for stopping your eyeliner pencils from breaking in the sharpener.

THREE. another cool tip, via Lucky, for protecting your nail polish! i just tried it out, i'll let you know how it goes.

FOUR. there's a rumour "noob" by the added to the dictionary. i laughed a little =P

FIVE. they posted a new trailer for princess and the frog. i have a certain weakness/fondness/obsession? for disney movies. so i'll be sure to watch it when it comes out. have to say though, based on the trailer, it's already going to be different than i thought it would be.

SIX. cosmo posted some tips on how to lose five pounds fast. i have to say, they don't even sound that bad. i might even try them! (i had takeout everyday this week, NOT good!!!) they just sound so reasonable.

SEVEN. this week freida pinto was named the new spokesperson for l'oreal. and accordingly, i'm thinking completely different about their products. she could make me buy anything. haha.

EIGHT. this picture made me laugh. it's a cute new way to think of the "LBD."

NINE. they've certainly been busy at forever21 lately! on may 19th they're launching their contemporary line love21. they tweeted some of the new looks this week! this one, this one and this one.

TEN. and speaking of forever21, they also revamped their basics collection. f21 basics are THE best. i need to go back over the border and stock up.

that's all for me! ciao!