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heyhey! i'm just taking a second to write about "probiotics." the term's been thrown around EVERYWHERE these days, and it occured to me recently that i have no idea what it is! anyone else have this problem? it's about to be solved =)

so apparently probiotics are teeny tiny living organisms (bacteria) that can contribute to healthy immune and digestive system. it's so readily available in yogurt because there are already bacterial cultures present. but my mom made some probiotic fortified potatoes the other day.

they're becoming more and more common because they're such a good way to boost your immune system. the only catch? you only really get the effects if you continue to ingest them. i'm talking of at least a month or more.

you also have to be a little careful because the term probiotic isn't regulated. food products are able to slap the "probiotics" label whether they have a million active cultures per gram or 100 million. so the choice to eat them if up to you, but of course, it couldn't hurt! let me know if this was informative at all! =)


did a lot of my research here.