(song of the day: you're still you, josh groban)

i love my mom. she gives great advice on pretty much everything. EXCEPT when it comes to what to get her for mother's day/christmas/birthdays etc. and it seems like she has EVERYTHING and she's extremely strange. (i mean, she'll balk at the notebook, but war of the worlds can make her cry) she's not exactly the easiest to buy for. i've been wracking my brain for a while now. this top ten's a mishmash, some ideas and some websites with MORE ideas. enjoy.

1 ♥ there's nothing my mom likes more than a night off of the kitchen and a dinner at her favourite restaurant. word of warning now, if you're thinking about taking your mom out at anytime in the next weekend, book your reservations asap!

2 ♥ glamour composed a gift guide for this year. i think their gifts are a little off the wall though. anyone else find them kinda quirky? but i mean sometimes quirky is good.

3 ♥ my mom's NOT a spa person. she hates being touched. but she does like to treat herself once in a while. there are a lot of places that have put together pedicure/manicure sets at special mother's day prices! i might be picking one of those up come sunday

4 ♥ style bakery put together a snazzy mother's day gift guide as well. check out parts one and two.

Just because it's pretty... by nichbri.

5 ♥ you can'r really go wrong with stuff that smells good. it's like a weakness of women everwhere. whether they're flowers, candles, fancy body wash, chic perfume, or even her favourite coffee. it's a guaranteed mom favourite!

6 ♥ photos! there are a number of photos around my house that need to be updated. there's a picture frame hanging in our stairway that's at least twenty years old. my fifteen year old sister isn't even featured. so her and i were thinking about updating that one. if we fill the multi-photo fram with pictures, it's almost like a handmade gift. see if you can find a cool digital picture frame! there are some even in keychain form. so you can be with her always.

7 ♥ gifts.com actually has a pretty cool feature where you can shop gift ideas based on personality. i'm thinking my mom's "the achiever" what's yours?

8 ♥ i've done this before. i've raided her makeup cupboard, bathroom counter and bought all the stuff she was running out of. i placed it all in one of those fancy baskets with the plastic wrap and she really liked it! can't go wrong when you KNOW you're getting stuff she already likes.

9 ♥ books! i think books are a great gift. and the viewers polled at the women's network agree. stick with what she's interested in: mystery novels, fashion mags, or maybe even crosswords. the most important additional item to this gift? TIME to read it. let her relax, she'll be grateful.

10 ♥ do not forget a sappy card! or letter, or maybe just a REALLY big hug. it's important to use your own words. even if you love your mom, never forget to tell her!

my only caution for mother's day shopping? don't get her anything that reminds her off housework, or anything like that. i remember a few years ago, my sister and i got her a garbage can. yes, a garbage can. in our defense she HAD been saying we needed a new one and we DID stuff it with a really nice bouquet of flowers, but i really wouldn't say it's her best gift. try and come up with something just for her! and also, you might wanna try and give a gift that actually means you can spend time with her. moms love that. haha. okay. that's all for me! later my lovelies!


(thanks to nichbri for the photo)