(song of the day: i'm a believer, the monkees)

heyhey happy saturday! i just had a lovely night out with my sister and her friend at red lobster. my mom was picking up the tab so we ordered SO much. (escargot anyone?) it was really really fun though. exams and all, i still found the time to find 10 best ofs for this week. woohoo!

ONE. the best thing i found in real life? they opened up an urban behaviour OUTLET in heartland this week. just ONE store over from party packagers! there's already a regular priced UB at heartland, but from the looks of things everything in the outlet is $20 and under. my kind of place! i would've bought something after work today but my parents came and dragged me out. (yeah, wish i was kidding on that =P)

TWO. i was amused by this post on designs hidden in common logos. some i knew, some i didn't. like toblerone! who knew!

THREE. have you ever been to soulpancake? it was founded by rainn wilson (a man i love) i'm not going to pretend i'm the world's deepest thinker, but it is a really cool place to "chew on life's big questions." this week people were writing in with 3 experiences they've had that they wish everyone else could. some of the answers were so profound. what experiences have you had that you'd like to spread to everyone else?

FOUR. angie over at youlookfab encourages you to take a new look at leggings.

FIVE. over at glamour, the slaves to fashion outlined the dos and donts of wearing whites.

SIX. remember how i was talking about weardrobe a little bit ago? they talked about why they love it at the budget fashionista the other day. be sure to check it out if you haven't yet!

SEVEN. zephyr at college fashion talks about finding le perfect pair of summer sunglasses! i know i'm still on the hunt for mine!

EIGHT. i found 10 tips for avoiding sweat marks this summer. cause it happens =P

NINE. zoe over at primped wrote a hilarious "how to go pantless" (a la lady gaga). funny stuff.

TEN. here's a blog post deciphering what different wedding dress codes really mean.

i'm actually working on a series about weddings and what to wear while attending them. that's coming up in the next bit. if you have any questions about it be sure to let me know!

-ciao for now!

weardrobe look courtesy of the clothes horse.