1. today: today, i'm glad i get to spend the day recuperating and blogging. (yeah, i'm sick again =( but i've almost got all of the posts set up for this week!) i'm thankful for things that happened yesterday. it still counts, believe me. i had such an amazing time at youth group yesterday. i love the smell of smoke and today, am glad i can still smell it on my jacket. i LOVE the people there. and i love girl talk and am super glad i've got a whole new bunch of girls to have it with ♥ it's so weird, cause last year, i hated it there, and now i wouldn't trade it for anything.
2. i'm most looking forward to: conan o'brien being on tonight. if you remember, from my list of top ten funny men, conan is my favourite comedian. i'm so excited he's back! and i'm glad jay gets to keep his job too. that whole shuffle up at NBC was kind of ridiculous, but i'm glad it's all getting sorted now. (yes, i talk about late night hosts like they're my friends)
3. one thing that'll make my week: this one's hard. i feel in yesterday alone, my week's already been made! not going to school is a definite plus. and if i can find some saved by the bell on tv, my entire life will be made. mm! and i get to attend a writer's conference at the end of the week as part of my new job thinger. so yeah, i'm loving life.

are you loving yours?

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