(song of the day: lucky, jason mraz)

heyhey! this weekend is ridiculously busy, but in all the right ways. i got to go to this book conference today. i got to meet all these different people from the industry: editors, publishers, marketers and TONS of authors. i made a whole bunch of friends from harlequin. we're tight now. haha. in all seriousness, it was great. i learned SO much. and i have a crapload of story ideas now. anyhoodle, here are the best ofs for the week!

ONE. the girls over at collegecandy share my confusion about taylor swift. i'll admit i'm more confused than ever. cause even after i blogged (or kinda bashed) that song of hers. it grew on me, like exponentially. (no lie, it cracked the top 25 on my ipod) and while there's a part of me that has no given up on my dream job as a disney princess there is also a part that hates her sappy lyrics about prince charmings and picture perfect happy endings. sometimes i think songs (books/movies/shows) like these are ruining relationships before they even start. i'm on the fence on this one (and i could mull over it forever) either way, check it out!

TWO. you know those iphone commercials that frequently proclaim "there's an app for that?" well there's a site for that. anyone can submit their funny fill in the blanks. example: "if you forget to bring a pooper-scooper when you're taking your dog for a walk, there's an app for that." i was amused. check 'em out.

THREE. i've finally been getting around to doing some much needed wardrobe weaning, so A's tips on taming your closet were all to welcome this week. hop over to the glamorousgradstudent.

FOUR. so i found out this week that kenny ortega's not directing HSM4. let me count now. kenny's not there. none of the original cast is there. and none of the people they introduced are there. (you heard me, all the new wildcats got fired) so why are they bothering to make it at all? just my two cents.

FIVE. over at allwomenstalk, they finally broke down how to read food labels. i wish i written it myself!

anyway, i'm going out for a movie with matt. later gators!