(song of the day: for my love, bethany dillon)
(happy birthday L!)

ONE. i know we don't have target here, but i was still pretty excited when i heard anna sui was designing a gossip girl-inspired line just for the store. it's not in stores till fall, but check out a preview of the collecion via the cut. which one would you wear?

TWO. i'm not a twilight fan by any means, but i did find this article pretty funny. it lists ten ways that twilight has ruined a generation of high school girlfriends.

THREE. fan of crude humoured comics? me too. right now i'm reading getsajob. the creator, aaron bowersock gives a historical or pop culture figure an amusing job. like what would happen if picasso got a job designing signs for the city, or if clifford got a job as a seeing eye job. good times. if you have a wiifit you know how funny/annoying this is =P (click to enlarge)

FOUR. ages ago, my friend R sent me this really cool list of 5-minute meals that slim. check it out! let me know if you think there's one i should try.

FIVE. karen over at the makeup and beauty blog gave a rundown of 21 tips and tricks for buying makeup from your drugstore. it's good stuff!

okay, that's all for me. singing at a wedding today. AH! have a good weekend lovely ones.