it's that time again! i LIVE for summer movies. truly, last summer i average about two a week =P i'm not planning on doing that this year, but here are the top ten movies i can not live without!

1 ►transformers: revenge of the fallen (june 26)
i have NEVER been more excited for a sequel! evertime i see the trailer i squeal a bit no lie. but i'm super nervous cause, it never really looks like they're even coming close to winning in any of the commercials! the tone of it is just so... sad. that just means i'm going to be super tense the whole movie. should be a good one!

2 ► land of the lost (june 5)
will ferrel is my weakness. i stayed up late to watching conan last night and he was on it promoting it and it only got me more excited. and that whole "matt lauer can suck it" comment gets me laughing every time.

3 ►the taking of pelham 123 (june 12)
john travolta's character tkaes a NYC subway train hostage and demands that the train operater (denzel washington) act as a negotiator for his demands. this one has a good twist and i'm dying to figure out what it is! this one has mom and me written all over it =P

4 ► the proposal (june 19)
i can't say i'm the biggest chick flick fan, but i lovelovelove movies where they get forced together by lies and eventually find love! and i love anne fletcher (she also directed step up and 27 dresses) anyway, sandra bullock's character forces her to marry her so she can avoid deportation. they're totally gonna fall in love! calling it now. haha. plus ryan reynolds looks sooo attractive in this one. the whole wolverine thing was such a let down, so i need a fix.

5 ► away we go (limited release, june 5)
john krasinski and maya rudolf star as a couple trying to find a place to settle down and have their baby. it looks so funny and cute.

june still has some honorable mentions to cause i would LOVE to see year one (june 19). even though i havent's een a preview for that that really interests me, i can be swayed by starpower alone. the jack black michael cera combo is a one-two punch. and i really wanna see my sister's keeper (june 26) it's looks really beautiful and sweet. it's about a girl who looks to emancipate from her parents because they want to use her kidney to help her cancer-stricken sister. what a tough call! i am GUARANTEED to cry =P that and i just saw a commercial for the hangover (june 5) that actually made it look really funny! i wasn't so sure before, but i may have to go see it now.

7 ►funny people (july 31)
here's this summer's contribution from the judd apatow camp, but it actually looks to be a little more serious than most and kind of sweet! more dramedy than crass comedy. i'm really excited to see it. adam sandler plays a comedian who's dying and takes a new comedian (skinny seth rogen) under his wing. leslie mann's in there too.

8 ►the ugly truth (july 24)
i'm a huge gerard butler fan, so this one's kind of a no brainer. gerard plays a professional womanizer who makes a bet to find a man for his love-challenged tv producer (heigl) or quit the business forever. ten bucks says the two of them get it on!

9 ► public enemies (july 1)
i'll admit i'm intrigued by this one by its actors alone. christian bale? johnny depp? channing tatum? and they're playing bop-it gangsters. that's all i need to know

10 ► 500 days of summer (limited release july 15)
this one looks really sweet too. i'm a huge zoey deschanel fan. it's about a greeting card writer who falls for a girl we works with (named summer) and chronicles 500 days of their relationship. if you have a second, check out the trailer.

10 ► some harry potter movie (july 15)
i'm not even sure which one it is. i've never seen a single harry potter movie. not necessarily by choice, just by chance. there are tons of people who've said that they're going to make me do a marathon and if that eventually takes place, i will go see it when it comes out! it does look pretty exciting.

i'm more excited for june movies to be honest. or do i just have weird movie tastes? which ones are you looking forward to? is it one a didn't mention? for more trailers, pics and info, check imdb.

that's all for now. i'm off to get my hair did.