i have a lip gloss addiction, and smooth lips go hand in hand with that. when i posted about how to wear lip stains a few weeks ago and i got to the part about exfoliating before you apply i really wanted to dwell on it a little longer! it's tons easier for a product to stick when you start with fresh, smooth lips. so today, here are three (free!) ways to get prime your lips and make them super smooth using stuff you've already got.

1. use a washcloth
to begin, wet the corner of a washcloth with warm water. next place your finger inside the washcloth and rub your lips in soft circles until you've removed all the dirt/loose skin, old lip product.

2. use tooth brush
use a plain toothbrush, wet it with warm water, but don't put any water on it! and brush away dead skin flakes. my recommendation for this is to by a kids toothbrush. i have one! they're perfect because the head of the toothbrush is smaller and the bristles are softer.

3. use some sugar
it's a natural exfoliant. make a thick paste of sugar and water and apply it to your lips using a finger. rub in a circular motion until all the flakes are gone. (and try not to lick the sugar off because it IS tempting!)

seal in smooth lips with a lip balm or vaseline. then apply lip gloss, lip stick, what have you. it might not be a bad idea to invest in something with an SPF because lips can get sun burnt too! check my reccomendations, below.

of course there are a lot of lip exfoliants you can buy as well, i already talked about a great one from bath and body works and sephora's got a great one too. check out what works for you!