(song of the day: more than useless, relient k)

darn it! looks like they're won't be enough time for a real post today after all! i'm just leaving another je t'aime to tide you through =P today's been so great and it's not even over yet! it had a minor hiccup this morning, but i ended up having a reall fun phone conversation out of it. and i got my sandals! not at payless though. the square one branch doesn't carry the one i picked out yesterday. but i ended up getting something better. this is seriously the best deal i've scored so far this YEAR.

i got them from claire's (i never shuck out a lot of money on summer sandals. that way i can always buy more the next year). they were originally $20.50 each, and i got both for FIFTEEN dollars thanks to a wicked 2 for $17 sale andddd my SPC card. there's a banner day right there. i'm thinking i'm going to wear the gladiator ones tonight. you can bet they're both coming to a catalogue outfit near you! in other news...

these are my nails right now. and even though it took FOREVER for me to do, i really like the way they came out. i bought that nail art pen EONS ago -okay, april- but this is the first time i've used it. and i think i'll do it again? i only used it on the thumbs of each hand on account of my imminent fear of looking "ghetto fabulous." (haha) i think it turned out all right though. everytime i look down at them i smile. but i'm looking for some more design ideas. (sadly, that leaf (?) like thing is all i could come up with.) any ideas? or... are you not a fan of nail art on the whole?

i used:
essie polish in room with a view
sally hansen polish in sheer lilac
sally hansen nail art pen in silver

haha. i promise i'll write something more productive/informative tomorrow. i'm off to get ready for worship practice. later days!