i've been meaning for a while now to get around to telling you how the whole cosmo routine thing went. this has been a weird week for me, i thought once i was done school i'd have all the time in the world but i feel just as busy as before, between prepping for this writing contest i'm entering and throwing fab "surprise" parties, i don't feel like i've had a real moment to breathe since summer started. ah well, i'm having tons of fun and i suppose that's what matters.

to the results!

in case you need a refresher, i tried doing drinking mostly water, eliminating white grains (bread, pasta) from my diet, various exercise for 30 minutes, and giving up ice cream! it was weird because in the process i also gave up sweets of all types. no cookies, donuts etc. which i've never done EVER. (i have a LOT of sugar, and i'm well aware it's a main factor in my sunny disposition most days) it might have been a lot to take on, but it was certainly an interesting experience!

i'm not gonna lie the first two days were torture. i was running around my house concentrating on everything i couldn't eat. (the no bread or refined sugar left a HUGE whole in my diet) but that's not really the way to go about things. by wednesday, i looked a bunch of food ideas online and things got better (like white egg omeletes!) and i got over my dislike of water. i realize even though it doesn't taste as sweet as i would like (=P) it really is the best way to quench your thirst.

the exercise was again, painful. but i tried to make it fun. i did lunges between commercials of my favourite tv shows and that seemed to work pretty well.

i think the weirdest thing about it is that even though i'm not doing it this week a lot of the habits have carried over. (okay, not the exercise part) but i reach for water more often than not, and i've only had ice cream TWICE this week. (which is a big step down from my previous practice of twice daily) and, i grabbed a BOWL! my family was astounded. i'm really addicted to cherries right now. and i'm feeling pretty pro star.

you can't really notice as visible difference on my stomach. my mom pointed out -on day 6 - that i should've measured my waist from the start. haha. next time. interestingly enough i did lose five pounds, though i'd like to point out again it wasn't my main goal. pretty cool side effect though =P it was kinda neat to step back from my normal routine and really think about what i do to my body. you don't have to cut out carbs to do that, i recommend everyone try it!