(song of the day: everybody knows, john legend)

morning! so today i'm thinking about time. when i was little the days seemed to crawl by, and now i can't get them to stop. my friend's B is getting married tomorrow and it feels like they only started going out just yesterday. it's crazy. things just go SO fast. i mean, it's almost july and it feels like i have yet to do anything with my summer vacation. while i was writing my last essays and exams i made a list of all the things i wanted to do, and they all remain un-checked.

i've always said: you make time for what's important. but never really taken my own advice. usually when i say it, i'm whining about whatever friend blew me off that week. but it applies to me too! i mean, somehow i always find time to (guiltily) read perez, or browse EVERY twitter trending topic or go see a movie i don't even really want to see, or make a late night mcdonald's run, but i've got a novel i've been meaning to write and i haven't even started. i mean, this week has been ridiculously busy and fun, but at the same time i haven't really done much.

when you "can't find" the time for something make time! being too busy isn't always an excuse. EVERYONE is busy. my advice? define what's important to you and then do it. do it right away! don't make time an excuse. it's easier to get things done when you've got your priorities straight. deep down, i realize i always find time to watch reruns of the office, or hang out with people because i love that stuff. even if it doesn't really accomplish anything. in all honesty, i need to put a bigger effort toward getting the important stuff done.

in the next week, i'll be thinking about spending my time more wisely. if writing's what's important to me, that's what i'm going to make time to do. so what about you? what do you need to finally get around to? for more check out this short post for the skelliewag blog, even the comments were helpful.

and one more thought;

here's what i learned from princess protection program. i saw it the other day and one line stuck with me. in typical fashion, the mean girl tries to make a fool of the perfectly innocent good girl. but instead of striking back, instead of getting angry, she replies "no one can make me something i'm not." i'm paraphrasing, but it's so true. don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


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