mosquito bites are the absolute WORST! i found four new ones this morning and was none too happy about it. i would not have made it through the weekend up north without benadryl itch spray. i like that it doesn't sting as much as after bite and i find it works better for longer too. unfortunately, i've only seen it in the states - but if you've seen it here let me know asap! i can't even remember what i did before i found it. so i'm asking y'all, how do you cure the itch?

i googled and found this list of 40 mostquite bite itch remedies. you'll never guess what i tried.

some of these sounded like they made more sense than others. but i decided to go for a crazy one! toothpaste! (i used one of those basic cream toothpastes from arm & hammer) it sounds crazy cause it is. i just spot tested on a few-of many- mosquite bites. my results were mixed. it relieved the itch for only a few minutes i feel. and i'm stuck being sticky and rather minty. but i mean, at least i'll have something to do if i ever run out of benadryl spray, heaven forbid!!

so there you go. what i wouldn't do for you, dear readers =P