(song of the day: better together, jack johnson)

hey there! care for an update as to how the cosmo routine is going? let me fill you in!

one. i've been drinking plenty of water and it hasn't been that hard. i did have a glass of orange juice cause my mom said i could use the vitamin c, but i don't feel bad about it cause it was 100% juice. i've been avoiding the sugary stuff.

two. avoid white grains/pasta. i'm the girl who loves muching on plain white bread between meals, or any time really. and pasta has practically become its own food group for me. so this one has not been easy. it's been hard to think of things to eat, white grains are everywhere! luckily my mom stocked up on carrots this week, those are fun to eat cause they crunch like chips. (yep, sometimes i have to pretend vegetables are junk food in order to trick myself into enjoying eating them. whatever works my mom always says.) and i'm about to share my creative breakfast solution in just a minute!

three. do 30 minutes cardio. did you know my family had an eliptical machine?! =O i think i kind've knew but had forogtten. so that's a good way to get my cardio in. i'm still sick so i'll admit i haven't really been going at this one full throttle. but i've been working in the lunges! i'll usually hop down and do them during the commercial of whatever show i'm watching.

four. i've actually gone without a lot of sweets this week, but ice cream has been my one food sacrifice, and probably the hardest thing i've had to do so far! there's nothing better than chilling with some cartoons and chomping on some icecream. ahhhh. i'm trying not to think about it >.<

five. i've been getting in more than a half hour of sleep actually. it's weird, during the school year, i can convince myself that i'm okay to function on five hours, but eight is sooooo much better.ice cream aside, i haven't really been craving anything i've cut out. the problem is literally finding things to eat. around breakfast time i've been making a lot of eggs! my favourite way is probably the egg-white omelette. they taste a lot like regular omelettes but without the fat or cholestorol. and i've really liked making them a different way each day. plus, it really doesn't take too long, mybe like 10 minutes to prep and 5 to cook? my kind of breakfast. it's hard to put an exact recipe down cause i do so much mixing and matching.

1. seperate 3 eggs, and toss yokes aside. whisk the egg whites together with 1 teaspoon of water. here's where you add your spices. most recipes suggest salt, pepper and dill, to taste. but i have fun throwing in whatever i can find from the spice racke. i even tried chile powder once. it was a disaster for me, but my sister said it tasted good!

2. place your desired fillings in a small bowl. the most common include spinach, tomatoes and cheese, but again, you could use anything really. make sure they've been ripped/cut/shredded into tiny pieces!

3. pour your egg mixture into the pan and let it cook until the egg whites begin to set on the bottom. then, spread the filling over half of the omelette and fold it in half. cook for another to minutes.

4. then, slide the omelette onto a plate and garnish with maybe a few dill leaves, some shredded cheese or a reserved teaspoon of your filling.

and that's all to it really. i'm a big fan. as soon as this episode of justice league is done, i'm off to attempt to clean my room/do some laundry, before heading off to worship practice

-later days!

got the photo from here.