i gotta say, OPI is probably my favourite nail polish brands and i'm pretty excited to hear that they're releasing a matte collection this july. when i heard about it i was really excited! they're taking some of their most popular shades and releasing them in this new matte format.

matte's don't last as long as polishes with the regular satin finish. this could be because you're not allowed to use top coast, base coat or hand lotion for the effect. even still, i was intrigued by the idea.

but when i finally some of the swatches, i wasn't quite sure how i felt about it. these aren't the exact same shade, but i wanted to just show you what they look like. lincoln park after dark is one of my favourite shades. here it is in matte form.

i couldn't find the exact shade, but here's another picture just for comparison. but looking at the picture, i'm not so sure the dull finish is a good thing.

thanks to all lacquered up for the pictures!