today's the day!

let me just say that i don't like the concept of diets. and despite all the talk about karl lagerfeld and fashion the other day, i'm really doing this beacuse i don't want to get fat sitting at home eating ice cream all summer. not to reach any specific number. i'm not in this to lose weight, more to prove to myself that making healthy choices for a week won't kill me. (time will tell)

that said, i was really happy when i went back to that article i bookmarked at cosmo and reread it more carefully to find that it said to choose at least four of the suggested rules and follow them for a week.that seems more reasonable doesn't it?
okay, these are the five i've chosen.

1. drink mainly water.
i couldn't agree more with this one. luckily, a recent breathing problem has forced me to cut out soda and i have been feeling all the better for it. but now, i'm heavily addicted to sugary artificial juice and i'm told that's not much better. i'm not really a big fan of water, but i'm making it a goal this week to drink more of it. my mom's always said, a lot of times when you're thirsty, this is what your body is really crying out for.

2. ban white bread and pasta.

cosmo warns that white grain products cause bloating, particularly around the belly area. no fun! they suggest subbing in whole grain options or vegetables. veggies get digested more slowly so you remain full longer.

3. do cardio 30 minutes a day.

this is the main one i'm going to try and work into my daily routine. half an hour really isn't a lot. remember my random spurts of dancing? that was actually really fun. but i completely let it go after a few weeks.

(3 and a half. the article also reccomended do 36 push ups and lunges every other day. and doing squats and sit-ups for definition. i did mine while watching tyra/rachel ray this morning. haha. the joys of being home.)

4. make one food sacrifice.

they suggest cutting out one food indeulgence. and at first, i wanted to object because they were already asking me to go without pasta, but i couldn't ignore the carton glaring at me the freezer. yep, that's right. for one week i'm giving up that peanut butter cup ice cream i'm always raving about.

5. sleep more.

cosmo suggests that even an extra half hour of sleep can boost your metabolism, encourage muscle tone, and refresh you enough to make better food choices.

for other tips, check the rest of the article. which four would/will you choose?i'll let you know how i'm doing later.

that's it for me!

-later days!