so i'm currently trying to think of what i should do with my hair for the wedding tomorrow. i've already got my makeup sorted out but i'm stumped in the hair department. i have to say i am really not a fan of updos, on the whole. you will rarely see my hair in a ponytail or bun. but updos seem to be the norm most times, no? that or curls, and curls and me don't fare so well on hot summer days. another bummer? my hair's shorter now and i have a hard time doing anything other than leaving it down. and on top of that, have to keep it simple because my sister won't be there tomorrow to help me! here's what i'm looking at so far.

luckily, i found how to's for all of these styles. it shouldn't surprise you that there are two hairstyles here with braids in them. jennifer aniston's is simple enough. it's definitely my fall back if i can't come up with anything more creative.

i'm loving zooey deschanel's, and i've even done something like it before. but i'd have to run out for some sort of sparkly broach/pin tomorrow morning. and i think the waves make it a little more fancy, no?

if i'm going to go the updo route it'll definitely be something like jessica alba's. i'm into assymetry. i'm also loving that it looks kinda messy but in all the right ways. i'd probably leave my bangs out though. so...

or maybe you would suggest something else entirely? i open to anything! i'm watching some avatar and dragging my feet about going to work.