(song of the day: love you i do, jennifer hudson)

i'm just posting this, and then i'll get back to studying, i promise! today i'm cataloguing some alternatives to headbands. not that i don't LOVE a good headband, but sometimes i want to change things up.

option #1: a hairband - literally. the other day when i went to the youth group barbecue, i was running late and tearing the house apart cause i couldn't find a hairband that matched what i was wearing, i was kinda thinking "what would match better than my own hair?"

the how to for this one is actually pretty easy. considering i wasn't really following a "recipe." after straightening my hair, i pulled by bangs forward and tied the rest in a ponytail so i could see what i was doing. i lifted up about 1 cm of hair right where my bangs stopped on both sides of my part. i employed the french braiding technique - picking up more in the same 1cm track until i'd reach the end. then i secured them in the back with a bobbypin or to, and ditched the ponytail. voila! i'm not gonna lie, i really like how it came out.

option #2 - use a necklace. last week i was heading out to celebrate victoria day and watch the finale of gossip girl with rachel. headbands were a must! and so were pearls, so i combined the two. it's actually my mom's pearl necklace from the 80s. i was wearing it in my first catlogue look actually, back at the old blog. this one again is super simple, i just folded the necklace and secured it with a little clip in the back, i was trying it out and it actually looks cute with a whole bunch of necklaces! youpi!

today's my sister's brithday. she doesn't know it but we've got so many suprises planned for her. i'm excited for that. and vicki tells me that our jason mraz tickets have arrived, i am SO stoked! needless to say, it's pretty hard to study right now. at least there's only one exam left. back to the books i guess.