morning! so these are my favourite looks from last night's met costume institute gala. that teal colour looks soooo good on blake lively, don't you think? the versace gown is a little leggy for me, but she totally has to gams to pull it off. haha. gams. i love how she always keeps her hair so simple on the red carpet.

eva mendes wins my "most likely to wear." the dress is by calvin klein. and it's so simple and pretty! that kind of champagne thing looks really good on her. i'd accesorize with long necklaces too! bella!

i LOVE anne hathaway's dress. i'm have a weakness for marc jacobs and the colour purple. i don't know if you can see in the picture but there's actually a little zipper that cinches the dress together. and i love the platform sandals as well! the only thing i'm not feeling is the whole bouffant hairdo, but that could be just me.

what do you think? i got all my pictures from justjared, check it out for a bunch more celebs at the gala. who's your favourite?