(song of the day: more than words, extreme)

i've lost my will to study at the moment, so i'm taking a quick break to do something productive, blogging! a friend had a fashion query a little bit ago. unfortunately, i don't have time for a really in depth answer, but i promise to come back to it.

Q: how do you wear high-waisted shorts?

A: i have to say, that i'm not an incredible fan of high-waisted shorts on the whole, though i DO love high-waisted skirts. (bought/wore from H&M the other day=instant love!) but maybe it's just cause i've never really given them a try. they were more popular last year, but i've still seen pulling them out this year. i'm still kinda skeptical.

what intimidates me is that high-waisted shorts show of your waist (duh) and that's a part i'm not always too happy to showcase. so my first tip is to get a pair that fit nicely. don't bother buying anything that pinches (or anything that will after two summer barbecues!) make sure they sit at a comfortable height.

second tip, the shorts are supposed to be the focus, so you want to balance it with a relatively simple top. of course, you're supposed to tuck it in to show off your waist. long tunics defeat the purpose. avoid anything with too many frills or embellishments. try a body-skimming simple top.

i have to say i'm loving the shorts of Song, a koren model. it's so crisp and clean! are you feeling it? and check out a whole bunch of other celebrities who were wearing them over at whowhatwear. any more questions?

got the photo from here.