(song of the day: realize, colbie callait)

i owe you, dear reader, one SUPER big apology. this week i just entered exam season and this blog has suffered certain neglect! i can't promise i'll be able to post as much i usually do in the next three weeks, but i'll certainly give it a try! the good thing is, once school's out of the way, i'll have tons of time! (i can't wait!) anyway, here are the best ofs this week!

ONE. the team sugar blog put together a pretty sweet guide on how to make your own gossip girl inspired headband. just another DIY to add to my long list of things to do when i'm done school.

TWO. temptalia featured the new OPI fall collection: espana. too. gorg. for. words! (i don't know if you noticed, but i'm currently having a love affair with OPI polish. i bought two today actually. (check it out at right, that shade is called party in my cabana) and that reminds me!

THREE. if you're anywhere near the Trade Secrets in the heartland town center ALL of their OPI polish is just $6.99. Absolutely everything! Even the spring line! I got two of the newish polishes for like $3 cheaper. that my friends, is a good day. forgot to ask how long it's on though! so check it out asap.

FOUR. i actually found a whole stack of new blogs to become addicted to read. the budget fashionista was one of them. she (they? i actually don't know.) put together a designer dictionary! it lists top designers and tells you what they're about and most importantly a pronounciation guide =P brilliant! and it doesn't even take that long to read. and then you've got a complete fashion history! check out the designers from A to G, from H to M, and N to Z.

FIVE. have you ever had a hard time figuring out your face shape? i know i do. i found this quiz, via dailymakeover.com that actually pins it down pretty well. the questions make it really simple to determine your real shape!

SIX. collegecandy's always good for a laugh. they were counting down the six most common facebook pictures. i'm totally number one. what are you?

SEVEN. i have to say, i don't like the concept of monopoly. running around buying properties? mortgaging? goes right over my head. but i absolutely LOVE the boards they come up with. i just counted, my family's got FOUR different versions of the game, most of them never even played. haha. even still, when i saw the SEPHORA edition of monopoly, i almost screamed. how cool would that be!!! i'm totally checking for it next time i'm in there.

EIGHT. i love the computer and all, but i still write a TON of things by hand. who knows how but i always end up with pen marks all the way up to my elbows. i hate when it gets on my nails because then you have to take off the whole coat. enter all lacquered up (as if they needed another reason to be my favourite nail polish blog.) check out this trick that'll help you remove pen stains without damaging your coat of nail polish.

NINE. karen at the makeupandbeautyblog put together a pretty cool list of makeup tutorials. she actually inspired me to make my own, so stay tuned for that. don't forget to check out the list.

TEN. tomorrow's mother's day! the girls at the frisky were talking about the best beauty advice they've gotten from their moms. what pearls of fashion wisdom has your mom bestowed on you?

shwew! that's all for now! catch you later!