"Fashion is the healthiest motivation for losing weight."
-Karl Lagerfeld

oh crazy karl. he's a man i both respect and fear, not gonna lie. but when i first read this quotation a number of weeks ago. i unashamedly laughed out loud. i mean, it sounds like he's perpetuating the crazy rail-thin superficiality that made me initally hate fashion in the first place. (it's true. i used to HATE fashion and anything that went with it. but that was more out of envy than anything, check out what i would've said to myself back then.)

these past few weeks it's been all about ponytails, american eagle hoodies and keeping the carton of icecream next to my laptop to "inspire" my essay writing. (that's right CARTON. no bowl for me!) then, last night after my exam, i moved all my textbooks to the basement and brought my summer clothes up. i was surprised to find, there's a lot less to them then i remember.

not that i'm saying my clothes are skimpy, i just mean, i'm not quite ready to jump right in to feeling so exposed, you know? it's like coming

and i mean, i've still got sometime to work my way into them. even though it's may, i'm writing this on my back porch in a sweater and jeans. and then this quotation came to mind.

i'm at the point in my life where i think that beauty actually does come in any size. whether i believe karl or not, i think it is time to change my eating/working out habits a little. especially cause i now have time to do so (and because bikini-season is rapidly approaching. dundundun).

i would never call fashion the healthiest motivation. but i do see where lagerfeld's coming from. i mean, it takes a LOT to motivate me. so what i'm about to propose this in the first place it's prrrrretty crazy.

i've decided to follow that one week plan i found on cosmo a little bit ago. i know rachel's in for it too. you can totally do it too! on monday, when i start, i'll go over the terms again. i'll play it your way karl, just this once.

anyhoodle, i'm headed off. gonna fit a little bit more reading in before i head down to see a play. have a happy friday!