(song of the day: irreplacable, beyonce)

so i'm sure i don't have to tell you that things dans mon vie have been absolutely NUTS lately (for more about it, click continue reading). at least i'm finally entering my last week of exams! woohoo! unfortunately, i haven't had as much time to check blogs and things, i've only got five best ofs this week!

ONE. stumbled across this blog called squawkfox, this fun frugal-living blog. and even though this post is super old, i really like what kerry had to say about being the best you.

TWO. check these simple prom makeup how-tos from the daily makeover.

THREE. don't know if you heard, but there's been some buzz lately that archie andrews will finally get down to deciding between betty and veronica. haha. not that i still read the comics, but i'd be interested to know who he picks. (it better be betty!) but i mean, they've promised this before, we'll see how it turns out.

FOUR. collegecandy presents some cool ideas for retooling old jeans.

FIVE. this one's just silly. but i did get a laugh out of other celebrities who're rocking "the kate gosselin." oh photshop. providing endless amusement since 1988.

there's no link for this, but i'm sure everyone's heard that chace crawford is now replacing zac efron in the upcoming footloose remake. i'm kind've against most remakes in the first place, so i'm not sure how i feel about this. what do you think of this? good idea? bad idea?

that's all for me i'm afraid. gotta get back to studying! what was good this week? let me know!

ah yes, my life. i'm the kind of person, that despite the best intentions ends up writing an eight page paper in 36 hours. haha. i'm also the kind of person who'll go out the night before said paper is due, just for fun. haha. i'm so glad linda, saved me from boys night on wednesday. we went to boston pizza and it was awesome, even though i have to say, i really don't like it there all that time. it's cool getting to know people you've known of for a while, but never really KNOWN, and it's even better when you like what you see.

thursday was even more awesome, i finally turned the paper in, i went out for lunch with jenn, and then shopping with vicki and then a girl's night with linda, kristen, and beth! good times. friday was still fun even though i wasn't feeling that well. i was kinda sick all week actually. i lost five pounds not eating, and not by choice! and then i fell and hurt my wrist, cause i'm awesome like that. mm. i'm excited cause there's a barbecue at youth group tonight. haha. i like that i went out more than studied this week. in the coming week though, i'm determined to study for real, cause then i won't have to until september! whoop! wish me luck ♥


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