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Turn Your Closet into a DIY Dream

yesterday was one of those really tiring but nonetheless lovely days. my aunt's been with the same job for thirty years so they threw her this big dinner party thing and my whole family got dressed up and went to this swanky dinner downtown. one of t hose four course deals that give you lemon sorbet right in the middle to "cleanse the palette." hahaha. it was really fun but when i came home i had to do, you know, real work, and that left me with no time to write. yesterday was supposed to be the other half of the closet organizing tips! i'll be honest. i've done two more loads of laundry, but my closet looks exactly the same. there just hasn't been time to give it a good clean! at least i'll know how when the time comes.

check out part one, if you didn't already. here are a few more tips to consider when organizing:

when thinking about organizing your closet, think about the way your favourite store is organized. pretending you're merchandising a boutique. (how luxurious!) in stores, clothes are generally organized by occasion and style with similar or matching colours placed together. they want to make it easy for you to buy things that make a complete outfit. what items are you more likely to pair together? also, think about showcasing your style and keeping harmony all through your closet.

i have a second dresser smack dab in the middle of my closet, what works for me is putting all of my dressier/fancier/church clothes in one side and then the more regular stuff on the other side. then i kind of place them in outfits on the rack. it might work for you to organize them completely by colour too. i read that works as well. it's whatever keeps you more organized really.

here's a tip i learned from tyra! purchase thick hangers of all the same colour. ditch the plastic and wire ones! they only bend and break and cause more mess. when you're putting your closet back together, place them all on the far side of the rod. and then, as you begin using your clothes, switch the hanger to the other side. and the next time you go to clean out your closet, check out which items are on hangers that are facing the original way. you might just have your contenders for what to whittle out next time!

check out some closet organizers (ikea has REALLY cool ones. but zellers and walmart are good for organizers on the cheap) and find one that works for you!

another, and much more fun suggestion? take photos of yourself in favourite outfits and tape them to the front of the wardrobe door. that way you'll have instant inspiration next time you blank on an outfit idea! some other things you want to post up there? jot down an honest list of five things you've been buying too much of, things you've bought and never worn, and things you're actually in need off. this'll help to inform your shopping choices over the next six months and make your next cleaning easier!

et voila! one organized closet. go celebrate by buying yourself something nice =P


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