ugggh. i've been in an essay coma for the last three day. but i'm taking a teeny tiny break before i get back to it. so, as i mentioned the other day, forever21 launched their contemporary line the other day. and i only just got around to taking a look. and at first, i'm not gonna lie, i didn't really see the difference. it looked like the same great clothes at the same great prices to me! but i'm told, the contemporary line offers a more modest fit. at any rate, i'll have to check it out when school is finally done.

but how cute is this rose chiffon pleat dress? i think i'd wear it with yellow cardigan, just to be different =P it retails for $24.50. you can check out the rest of the line here. alrighty, back to the essay i go.

(this is my one hundreth post! fun times!)