Friday, July 31, 2009

morning! i'm chilling today at my friend R's house and taking a spare moment to blog. i only just realized my recent commitment to spend less is going to affect everything. usually when people call me to hang out i go first and think later. i've the same approach to spending. so i've come up with ten really cool and free ways to spend time with the people you love!

1. group spa day. not gonna lie, this is probably my favourite idea out of all of them. you get all your friends together and bring all your nail polish and then swap 'em around. everybody can get a new colour and a free manicure! and of course, don't forget a good massage circle.

2. go on a wandering walk. head out with your group of friends with no particular direction. there's this one area of town that i've always wanted to just explore. go places you've never been before. i hope i can get around to doing it this summer.

3. check community calendar. it often has events or special deals. you might be surprised at the free things available in your area. maybe there's theatre or a concert in the park, ribfests or a free swimming hour.

4. have a DIY faceoff. if you're ever feeling crafty, gather all the stuff between your friends, share it around, fire up the glue gun and have an all day challenge to see who can come up with the best project. the most wearable project wins!

5. retro games day. me and my sister sometimes go into the back of the closet and pull out all the games we used to play. monopoly jr, and twister. don't forget old card games, if you're into them. and of course, there's no greater childhood pastime than blowing bubbles!

6. full on games day! i can't say i'm all that athletic but even i don't mind a day of playing some football. especially since it's free! frisbee and soccer are also fun.

7. picnic. there's nothing more fun than doing a picnic potluck. have everyone bring something and head to a free park. and if it's raining, as it has been where i live, spread out a blanket in the middle of the living room. indoor picnics can be fun too.

8. swap parties. this is the ultimate free fun event. reveryne commits to bringing either old CDs, DVDs, books or clothes and everyone swaps up and goes home with someone new.

9. start a new hobby. grab a friend and do that thing you've always wanted to do. start yoga, learn japanese. but don't think you'll have to spend tons of money to do it. your local library has tons of resources for free.

10. go stargazing! i hope to do this at some point this summer too. don't forget to pack blankets and bugspray.

i'm sure there's tons more you can come up with. you don't need to spend crazy amounts of money to have a good time. it's not so much about what you do with your time, but who you spend it with. that's all for me! see you later!


Thursday, July 30, 2009

hello hello! today i'm featuring piper larson of the daily diva dish. a website that has daily posts on beauty, fashion and lifestyle. i've been enjoying the articles and product reviews. check out a post from the other day about creating the perfect pout. piper was nice enough to answer a few questions for me. on with the interview!

your personal style...
american classic meets euro chic. i like to mix basics with over-the-top accessories. my biggest weakness: cocktail rings. the bigger the better!

last fashion purchase...
a red coral statement necklace.

signature scent...
dolce & gabbana light blue.

go-to summer outfit...
i don't necessarily have a go-to outfit. (i like to experiment too much for that.) but one of my favorites this summer was worn at a party I hosted. black ankle pants and a simple black summer shirt...with killer accessories: sky-high gladiator heels, a great tan and a crystal cocktail ring big enough to double as a paper weight.

5 essentials every girl should have in her closet...
a perfect pair of black pants. flat front, straight cut, good-fitting and long; a classic handbag; a piece of statement jewelry; a great pair of jeans; a pair of comfortable and versatile heels.

you're most likely to splurge on...
handbags. i think a good handbag is worth it because you can use it every day.

top shops...
i love unique little boutiques. when i travel, i'm always looking for these quaint little stores. you never know what treasures you'll find.

a good time means...
being with good friends. my ideal: beach getaway with the girls. so much fun!

your nails right now
... essie mademoiselle.

favourite quotation...
"don't be afraid your life will end; be afraid that it will never begin."
grace hansen, author.

starting august 1st you can begin entering the daily diva dish's haute august giveaway. they have weekly drawings for luxury beauty products. and the grandprize? a louis vuitton cosmetic pouch (retails for $285). you can enter daily! click on over!


to my dismay, i realized today that my SPC card was expiring! it's absolutely dreadful. sorry this post is kind of a local thing. SPC (student price cards) are only valid for canadian students. basically, you buy this card for $8.50 that gives you 10-15% off at tons of different stores for a whole year. this was my first year buying one. i hadn't before because, i didn't fully understand what it was, and i didn't want to pay for it. but it was my mom who made me realize with how much i shop - now, used to shop - the card would pay for itself. and it did! in about three weeks =P i can't even imagine how much i saved the whole year. and even though i don't plan to be buying as much this year, i still think the card is a good investment. PLUS: this year they've added new stores! now there's 10% off dynamite, garage and aeropostale. (check here for a full list) and if you register your card at the website, you can check back and look for local special offers. restaurants periodically have deals on. all in all a good investment, i'd say! i've allotted some space in next month's budget to pick one up =) is there anything like SPC where you live?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

song of the day: if it kills me, jason mraz

i know budgets are a weird thing to be obsessed with, but i made mine this morning and it really wasn't that bad as i was fearing! the hard part is going to be sticking to it. but here's what i did. first off, i started with a template. they do all the work for you. especially if you use one on excel, cause those ones can do all of the calculations for you. but if you'd rather do this by hand, i've got a template for you, here. but if you google "budget template" you'll find tons.

the first step in making a budget is figuring out where your money goes in the first place. total your income and then track your expenses for the last month. (if you have time to map out more than one month, you'll get a better sense of your average, in case it's a month of ireggularly high spending.) then subtract the one from the other. in the red? me too. but it brought some things to my attention.

my first realization? i spend WAY too much money on makeup. the thing is, i just buy a little at a time, but i'm still buying WAY too much. in july alone, i wasted $175. and you've seen me, i don't even wear that much! i found there are a few more hidden money suckers in my life.
  • magazines; ridiculous, when i read as many blogs as i do.
  • smoothies; when i've already said i prefer making my own at home.
  • DVDs; so many times i buy a DVD just for the sake of owning it, but then it just sits on my shelf.
  • the vending machine at work; i calculated, if i took the time to bring something from home before a shift i'd save $10 a month. which seems little, but will add up.
  • cheap jewellery; my jewellery box is full of $5 rings that only last a month before turning green and it'd probably be better if i just didn't buy any at all.
  • nail polish; i always talk about how nailpolish can be a nice accent to an outfit and i'm not knocking that of course. but in tracking my expenses i realized that i average about one $9 bottle a week and that's a little insane.
  • taxis; i'm not knocking them and i would like to say that a taxi home after a night out is always a good idea, but sometimes i'm just to lazy to take the bus, that's $20 down the drain right there.
  • drinks; i always end up stopping for adrink when i'm out at the mall, tucking a water bottle in my purse before i leave will save me about $20 a month.
when you're making a budget, make a list of things you feel you can not live without and then juggle your finances around to accomodate them. i've decided to prioritze going out to eat with friends. we tend to go out to grab a bite or dessert after worship practices or for birthdays. plus, i've read that on average spending money on an experience feels more rewarding than spending money on just items. so that's what i've made the most room for in my august budget. especially because it'll be my last chance to hang with a lot of people who go back to school in september. i've also set aside the money for one movie (GI JOE!) and a meager back-to-school outfit, and that's it!

i do feel the budget i've set is a bit optimistic. (i can't help it, i'm an optimistic person) but i've read that it's perfectly fine to make adjustments. not to totally renege on what you've set out to accomplish mind you, just to rearrange things while sticking to your goals. one of the top reasons people drop their budgets is because they feel they can't stick with them. that won't be me! (i hope.) this site was super helpful with budeting tips and info.

alright! just a few more things. it's my mom's birthday today! but that's not the real news. i FINALLY got around to writing an about page. check it on the tab at left. i also added a few more sites (in no particular order) to the blogroll over there. i plan to maintain it a bit more as i continue making blogging friends. check out some of the sites and blogs there, it's good stuff! and another thing. while i'm still not comfortable using my whole name, but i don't really feel like i am "sunshower" either. that's a thing, not a person! so you can call me B from now on =) have a fantastic day!!


so in my attempts to spend less i tried to resurrect an item from my closet-graveyard. i've had that hooded cotton vest for years, worn it a few times but never again. lately i've been loving the look of vests/waistcoats with tank tops. it's so summery and cute! this outfit was perfect for my friend's gig downtown.

occasion: pub night
black hooded vest; urban behaviour, $15
long purple tank; costa blanca, $20
skinny jeans; bluenotes, $20
studded/bow heels; walmart, $20
huge ring; h&m, $6
long necklace; urban behaviour, $8.
hair pin; (gifted from my sister!)

Monday, July 27, 2009

it's not déja vu. i'm really revisiting a resolve i just had. because even though i didn't buy anything for a whole week. i don't feel like i accomplished anything because i fell into my old patterns again. if anything, i spent TWICE as much in the week that just passed. like i was trying to make up for it or something! just terrible! logically i should even be in debt. i still live at home, i don't have a car and i'm not paying for school. my dad's an accountant for goodness sakes! so how did i get to be so bad with my finances??

for one, i tend buy things i don't really need. like yes, the NYX liquid liner i bought is amazing and i totally do like nyota uhuhra, bu that wasn't a necessity you know? i wish i had realized that before i went ot the mall and dropped $30 on various makeup products >.< and second, my finances have run wild because i just don't like talking about them! but i'm trying to change. i've come up with three new tips.

but this time, i'm getting serious. more specific. it's not enough to just say, i won't spend money this week if i complete fall off the wagon in the next. and of course, i scoured the interwebs for some creative solutions. for startes, i'm making an addendum to my shopping rules. (the ones i wrote a bit ago and still didn't wrap around my VISA card like i said i would) so the new rule #2, any purchase, no matter what the size or price, must be slept on. if it's not something i wouldn't come out for the next day, it's not something i can't live with out.

my second serious step? i'm going to begin keeping a debt diary, not for all to see, but i've bought a new journal just for the cause (and i know that seems counterproductive, but it'll even out. i'm going to get my finances in order if it kills me!) the first thing i need to stick in this diary is a budget, i'm working on it as we speak. you're also supposed to keep track or your daily spending purchases: how much of your money you're spending and for what. putting your thoughts on paper has a way of making you think about your actions, or so they say. i'll let you know how it goes.

any lastly, i've come up with a financial affirmation for this week. (yes i believe in affirmations, if you repeat anything enough you'll believe it. but more on that later): it is MY money and i WANT to hold on to it.

so there we go. saving money, take two. hopefully i haven't lost you in all the boring talk. if you've got any helpful advice, i'd LOVE to hear it, truly. anyone else ever conquered shopoholic-ism before? wish me luck!


1. today: the sun is shining for the first time in DAYS. i'm thinking i'm going to go out and write on the deck. and i'm also grateful for my grandparents. they live down the street from me, but it's not often that i REALLY spend time with them, you know? i love the way they still stock their house with oreos and sunny d for me. i love the way my grandpa talks about himself in third person. and i love the way, after all these years, they still love each other! i was having a week where it felt like nothing really ever lasted, and kinda feel that they're proof some things always will.
2. i'm looking forward to: seeing funny people with my friend T! i haven't seen him in a long time and the movie looks hilarious.
3. one thing that'll make my week: quotations like these! i'm going to need some help for this week's resolution.

got the photo from here
“The whole idea of motivation is a trap. Forget motivation. Just do it. Exercise, lose weight, test your blood sugar, or whatever. Do it without motivation. And then, guess what? After you start doing the thing, that’s when the motivation comes and makes it easy for you to keep on doing it."
John C. Maxwell

Saturday, July 25, 2009

hey there! and happy saturday to you! here are the best ofs for this week.

first up, some forever 21 news (i'm obssessed, i apologize). but, did you hear their expanding into makeup and home furnishings? can't say i'm too excited for the beauty products, i'm too busy envisioning what would happen if forever21 and ikea combined. sheer magic. read all about it.

forever 21 also has a new circus-inspired collection coming out soon. it's called twist. check out the lookbook.

this week at time they published an article about why girls have a few best friends but boys hang in packs. interesting stuff!

if you're into sartorial humour, check out fashematics. the only place where you can see math like the equation at left.

check out's guide to making time for everything!

and perhaps my favourite find this week. someoneoncetoldme. it's a growing collection of photos where people pose with things somebody once told them. it's actually really inpsiring. the photos are fabulous.

what's the most interesting thing you found on the interweb this week?

Friday, July 24, 2009

time for some friday afternoon musings? yes i think so. a little while ago i had a friend of mine who's looking into this new guy and has taken to asking me "what do you think his type is?" and i had to stop and think about that. i thought about the girls he's dated before but couldn't really find too many similarities between them. then i stopped to think about the people who i've liked/dated. their personalities were all REALLY different. i mean, they've all been male, that seems to be the general theme. but that's it. every time i went to make a rule, i could always find an exception. i don't think you can help who you like, whether they fall into specific types or even if they don't.

plus, i feel when people say type, almost 80% of the time, it has to do with looks. i wouldn't want to miss out on someone with a personality that perfectly compliments mine because i was too wrapped up in where they shop, or how tall they are. i don't like typing stop me. it's just too narrow a way of look at people. you can't say "you only date athletes" because that's a trait that can change, you know what i mean? i'd be lying if i said i didn't have preferences, but not a solid "type."

but then i had to look at things from the other side. and in thinking about it, i've come to the realization that I don't really fit the "ideal type" of most of the guys around me. well not just me specifically, any black people really. excuse me for being so candid, i don't mean that in a racist way. because to be perfectly honest, i'm not really looking for a black person either. (a preference, but not a steadfast rule) but what if the guys i know aren't as open minded about types as i am? are you? and if you like a guy but aren't his "type" do you still go for it?

i guess i'd really just wrote this to say that especially at my age (near 20) when you're supposed to be out dating i think it's better to be more accpeting of guys of all kinds. just because you've dated tall musicians your whole life doesn't mean you have to always date guys like that. opening yourself up to the possibility of dating different varieties of guys expands your dating pool and could always help you grow personally by getting to know people you might not otherwise. and who doesn't want that?
no real conclusions here, just thoughts. hope you're having a happy friday! if my movie plans pan out, i will show the result of my uhurua-inspired look.

-later days!

i've raved about star trek before. i went out to see it again last night, and instead of being bowled over by the combined sexiness of chris pine and zach quinto, i was more able to focus on uhura.
zoe sladnana did a fabulous job and has me feeling completely different about the whole winged liquid liner look. in fact, i'm thinking i might run out and get some today. but until then...

recreate the liquid eyeliner look, by applying mascara from the tube with a fine eyeliner brush.

je t'aime and quick tip in one! and the two-for-one doesn't stop there. on top of all that, i've got two questions for you. first up, i'm hoping i'm not the only one here. but...

and second...

i understand if a yes or no answer won't do. feel free to explain in the comments. let's discuss!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

between blogs, fashion websites and polyvore, i'd heard of modcloth for a while now. but when my friend L suggested it i finally went and gave the website a look for myself. in case you've never been, modcloth specializes in vintage clothing. it was started by a couple fresh out of high school and has turned into one of the top online stops for vintage/indie wear. i totally got lost on their website a few days ago, but i've picked out some of my favourites, above.

isn't that prep school dress darling? i can think of a thousand ways to wear that right now. and i doesn't surprise me that their out of "the brigitte dress" second in from the right (all the names for the items are so cheeky and cute too! i love the idea of a "tiers for fears dress") the high tide dress (the one-shouldered colourblocked number) is amazing too. the floral one makes me want to host a tea party and i don't even drink the stuff.

i'm loving that they have a $7 flat shipping rate, but not loving that i have no money right now. have you ever bought anything from modcloth? what would you if you could?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

(song of the day: every time you lie, demi lovato)

heyhey! i know i've said it a thousand times, but i really am having a busy summer and my sleep schedule is suffering because of it. and for some reason i like awake in my bed unable to sleep and then get really tired in the middle of the day. anyone else find summer does crazy things to their sleep schedule? i did a bit of googling, and today i'm debunking three sleep myths.

the "i'll just catch up tomorrow" myth
there's no such thing as catching up. there's no way to make up for lost sleep. but it's a good thing the human body knows how to deal. the sleep system is homeostatic – it self-regulates. if you sleep less than your body wants you’ll naturally restore balance to the system the following nights. it's best to keep a regular sleep schedule. going to bed and waking at the same time will make it easier for you to fall alseep at night.

the "i'll just l
ie still myth"
if you wake up in the middle of the night and can't fall asleep after 15 minutes or so, it might not be such a bad idea to get up and do something relaxing. try reading a book, or listening to soft music. once 15 minutes passes the anxiety of trying to keep yourself still can actually keep you awake for longer.

the "warmer you are, faster you'll fall asleep myth"

people always associate tons of cozy, warm blankets with the perfect conditions for falling alseep. ironically, it's easier for the human body to sleep when things are slightly cool. (probably why in the summer time i sleep in my blanket but keep the fan on.)

but that myth about drinking warm milk before bed? totally true. the seratonin in helps you sleep. that's all for me! sweet dreams everyone!


got the photo from here.

Monday, July 20, 2009

i'm pleased and excited to announce a brand new column here at sunshower style! today i'm doing the first ever style profile with little red of the redhead fashionista. when i went on my blog hunt last week i discovered hers. it's still pretty new but i've enjoyed reading her fabulous posts! (this one about celeb transformations is my favourite) and like me, she's a communications student with a major interest in fashion and a well defined personal style. check out my interview with her!

three things you can't live without... my cell phone, my macbook pro, and my car.

favourite movies... clerks and clerks II, mallrats, the devil wears prada, and the hangover.

how would you describe your style... i'd have to describe my style as just me. i know that's kind of lame. however, my style isn't anything crazy and i don't dress any particular way. i have a pretty casual look since there isn't any aspect of my life that requires me to dress up. i just wear what i like and what i feel comfortable in.

what inspires your style... various fashiohan magazines and certain celebrities inspire me. i absolutely love rachel bilson, lauren conrad, and nicole richie. those ladies always look fabulous whether they are at an event or just going to the grocery store.

favourite beauty product... M.A.C.'s eye pencil in coffee. i always wear eyeliner. i feel so weird without it! i wish I could break that addiction though.

you feel your best when... i think what makes me feel my best is just hanging out with my friends. no matter what is going on in my life, they can always brighten my day and help me have a good time.

last fashion purchase... two pairs of steve madden shoes i got recently. i bought a pair of black peep-toe heels and a pair of purple flats!

if money was no object what would you buy next... louboutins!

top shops... i love shopping at h&m and urban outfitters. i can always find great stuff at both places!

style mantra... "a girl should be two things: classy and fabulous," coco chanel.

i have to say, i pretty much enjoy her taste in everything! don't forget to check out her blog! that's all for now!


(song of the day: follow through, gavin degraw)

1. today: i'm loving girl talk, mostly because i find happiness means nothing if you don't have someone (or two, or three!) to share it with.
2. i'm looking forward to: rekindling an old hobby. i haven't played piano in a while and i need to for this thing coming up at church. somethings are NOT like riding a bike, they take time and practice, and they're all the more beautiful for it.
3. one thing that'll make my week: if i can put some time aside to get some writing done!

(AMAZING picture by raisinsawdust)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

(song of the day: so close, jennette mccurdy)

heyhey! catching up at the end of a busy week. here are the best ofs i've found!

ONE. if you haven't seen it already check out this hilarious step by step guide to getting yourself shot by the sartorialist.

TWO. and if you've never dropped by the sartorialist, check that out too! gorgeous people, gorgeous photos.

THREE. not gonna lie, got pretty excited when they announced the emmy nominations this week! i love award shows. it's a shame we have to wait till september 20th! (steve carrel ftw! who are you rooting for?)

FOUR. i am greatly amused by teagan mccrae's conan o'brien-like stylings. check out her post of hilarious future "predictions."

FIVE. check out five cool google/gmail tricks, via cosmopolitan.

SIX. over at the frisky, they talked about celebrities who embody the style of different cities. sounds complicated, but is actually really cool. for example, sienna miller is quintessential "london." what city are you? (i'm thinking i'm a new york/california mix.)

SEVEN. and at charade they had a really good post about picking your luxuries. it's been especially helpful as i've been trying to save money lately.

EIGHT. the 100 essential skills for geeks, via wired.

Friday, July 17, 2009

(song of the day: chasing pavements, adele)

hey! the day's been kind of overcast and so am i. but i hope your weeks going well! mine's been an absolute whirlwind. this catalogue is a little bit different i know. i apologize for the pic spam. just click on each picture to make it bigger. here's what i'm wearing:

top: charlotte russe, $6
high waisted skirt: h&m, $14.50
silver gladiators: aeropostale, $20
necklace: ardene, $6
occasion: hanging out

this week's been interesting, i've barely been home. and i've been finding it really hard to get dressed. i had this special event (sorta) and the temptation to buy something was rough. i ended up making vanilla & raspberry cupcakes to curb the craving. what i found that works?

i had to work harder at drawing fashion inspiration. when i buy things, i tend to wear them place them in particular outfits and then just rewear those outfits instead of continually switching things up. my lookbook expanded exponentially this week. and i made a few new blogging friends in the process. (if they're reading, hi!) if you have a friend who's your size, it's sweet to swap clothes, even if just for the day. my other tip for making what's old feel new? changing my nail polish colour. i'm not sure if you can tell, but i'm rocking some pastel yellow on my toes. it's awesome. it's my go-to way to change up an outfit. but clothes are easy, i just wish people were as easy to figure out...


Thursday, July 16, 2009

save money on your electricity bill by unplugging cell phone/ipod chargers when they're not in use.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

(song of the day: one of the boys, katy perry)

today is an exciting day. i'm finally presenting an article i've been working on for a while. and I seriously am going to print them out and keep them in my wallet. preferably wrapped around my wallet. these are the ten rules I consider (or aim to consider) before any purchase.

1. first rule, never buy something on sale that you wouldn't but full price
i buy a LOT but i rarely buy things at full price. that said, i still get swayed by sale prices. i'm twice as likely to buy a simply because it's got a sale price attached. i have a whole collection of things back in that section of my closet i nicknamed "the graveyard."

2. any purchase of more than $100 must be slept on.
i borrowed this rule from glamour. $100 is still a bit much. i might pick a smaller number. maybe $50. often, i go into a store and think i've find something i can't live EVERY store. if i see something i think i can't live without. i should take 24 hours to chill out and re-evaluate how i really feel in the morning. if i can't curb my craving i'll go back and get it. if it's still there, it's meant to be.

3. don't buy anything that requires you to buy something else.
this occurred to me. if you need a new camisole/belt to go with your new skirt, it's not much of a bargain. and unless we're talking formal wear, you don't really wanna buy anything that requires too much tailoring.

4. don't by anything that doesn't fit.
i truly think that makes anything look good is when clothes fit you well. i get swayed by sale prices and end up with a collection of sloppy looking shirts, that "will fit as long as i pin them" or "i might grow into." at 19, i don't really think i'll be doing much growing. and my sewing skills aren't getting any thing better either. if the last item isn't in your size, it's not really meant to be, now is it.

5. ALWAYS try things on. for a long time, in my shopping hayday, i didn't try a single thing. claiming that i was in too much of a rush. but if you're in a rush, you're usually too busy to make good wardrobe decisions. and also...

6. only buy the things that make you dance in the chnge room.
this is another one i read on glamour a few months ago, but it's really helped me lately. when you try on a shirt/dress/pair of pants, and you do that little wiggle in the change room because you know it looks that good, that's the item you wanna buy. i can't count the number of times i've bought a trendy item that no doubt looks good, but does nothing for me. it's the items that make me dance around that i end up getting the most out of.

7. if something comes in, something comes out. i've always like the idea of this rule in theory, not so much in practice. the next time you want to initiate another item into your closet, ask yourself if you'd be willing to part with another item to get it. and then you're supposed to actually do it! it would definitely keep your closet from becoming overwhelmed. but you know how much trouble i have throwing things away.

8. consider cost per wear.

this is always a good thing to keep in mind when you're purchasing everyday wear. divide the price of the item by the number of times you think you'll wear it. i think it's best to spend money of things like bras, shoes, watches and handbags. timeless items that will increase your style quotient no matter what. plus for these type items that you wear everyday, the cost per wear will basically be nothing!

9. pay with cash.

this one's a lot easier said than done because i almost never have cash on me. but swiping my visa/debit is a lot easier. but at the same time you don't even notice how much you're spending. and sometimes i like that, but lately it's been getting me in to trouble. lastly...

10. don't go it alone.
i'm not gonna lie, i kind of need a shopping babysitter, more than anything. but it might not be a bad idea to shop with a buddy. an honest one, who can tell you what looks good and what doesn't, what you should spend money on and what you shouldn't. my friend R and my sister K are really good at this. don't forget to return the favour!!

i've actually got enough to make two posts on this. maybe i'll come back to it! and hopefully one day i'll be able to add "reformed shopoholic" to my profile. haha. what things do you take into consideration before you buy something?

Monday, July 13, 2009

i tried it! and being absolutely honest for a week did have its advantages and disadvantages. but i learned a lot. as i said last monday, i spend a lot of time trying to smooth things over and keep everyone happy even if it's at the expense of my own feelings. so this week i tried to correct it.

honesty is awkward, i'm not gonna lie. at first, i was answering things on default. it was kinda weird to chase people down and tell them that "no, i'm not fine." but surprisingly some really good conversations came out of unexpected people. you'd be surprised who's there for you if you're honest first.

and in a way it was liberating. there was something i'd been meaning to tell someone and it felt awesome to get it off my chest. i learned that you can say "yes, that outfit does look bad on you" and "i'm sorry, but i don't think that's a good idea" and people WON'T bite your head off for doing it.

i still don't think i was a complete success. i think i achieved more than usual honest? but not radical honest. even though i said i wouldn't, there were times when i inadvertantly avoided touchy subjects. as long as someone didn't ask, i didn't tell. but when they did ask, i did tell. and it was actually kinda fun in a way! this is something i'd like to go back to at some time. one resolution at a time though!

another week, another resolution! it may seem weird that i'm also attempting to do things all the time, but i'm trying not to wait around to achieve the stuff i wanna do. i'm not going to wait till new year's to do something i can start right away. (i'll post my radical honesty wrap-up a little later on)

that said, this particular resolution is something i've been meaning to do for a while now. but i wasn't quite ready to face it until my visa bill came last thursday. for a solid year, me and my visa were great. i paid it off on time and never had interest then all of a sudden (okay not all a sudden, like 2 movies and four shopping sprees later) things started to slide. and slide. and continue to slide. and then i hit a car, and i owe my parents money for that. i'm not going to give the exact number, but it's pretty bad.

so it seems ridiculous, given all that, that i continue spending the way that i do. the first step is admitting you have a problem. so my resolve this week is to cut it out completely. i've instigated a "no-buy" week. no makeup. no shoes. no purses (...only because i just bought one).

but that's not enough. i need to save money too, and i'll be the first to admit i have NO idea how to do that! usually i avoid personal finance blogs like the plague. but i've been scouring them to find tips i like. here are some of my favourite tutorials.

be sure to check back i'll be adding more as i focus on finance this week. mmkay. me and R are off for dinner. later!


Sunday, July 12, 2009

(song of the day: i could break your heart any day of the week, mandy moore)

sheesh! what a week! softball games, plays, work, job interviews, making new friends and seeing old one. i hope your summer is keeping you as equally entertained. unfortunately i was barely home and not keeping up with things as much as i would've liked. i'm finally at home with a few hours to myself. i've got a decision to make that i really don't want to get to quite yet so i'm catching up on so you think you can dance.

ONE. this is probably my favourite find this week. i just found out about looklet and i'm shocked and appaled i didn't know before. i highly reccomend it if there are any polyvore fans out there! instead of collaging your dream outfits, you get to put them on a real model. their wardrobe is expanding daily. i lost an hour on looklet, so you can't say you weren't warned.

TWO. check out maura kelly's musings (via marie claire) as the discusses two relationship clichés. should you be in it two win it? or is it true that you only find someone when you stop looking?

THREE. zephyr at college fashion counts down the 10 beach day essentials. i wanna hit the beach soon!

FOUR. apparently, when you're watching tv or at the movies, you're less attentive to what you're eating and thus more prone to overeating. find five ways to beat overeatnig at never say diet.

FIVE. i've still been checking in on the girl with the uniform project she's still going strong! check it out if you haven't already.

my question to you though; if you could only wear one outfit for a whole year, what would you choose? let me know!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

(song of the day: forever and for alaways, shania twain)
Model's neck

morning! my current obsession? the sweet smells of summer days. in summer superlight fragrances are the name of the game. i think scent is an important and intimate accesory.

in summer, you want to aim for fragrances with citrus and/or floral top notes. in perfume, citrus goes beyond lemon and orange: think bergamot, mandarin, grapefruit, and neroli. for florals, think lily of the valley, jasmine, and ylang-ylang.

i'm (still) obsessed with daisy by marc jacobs. but i find it smells better in the summer. if you haven't smelled it yourself, it blends wild strawberry, red grapefruit, gardenia, violet and jasmine notes. it's a simple yet appealing, just like daisies themselves! i get complimented it on it alot.

but R and i were smelling samples at the bay the other day and i've found myself haunted by the smell of lacoste's love of pink. it's a chypre/fruit fragrance that's got hints of red orange, passionfruit, lemon, pink magnolia, quince blossom, stephanotis, white cedar, musk and vanilla. it smelled SO good and i'm considering it as my next perfume purchase.

take caution of two things. heat amplifies the smell of any fragrance and your nose finds it harder to smell something it's become accustomed to. in warmer weather, you'll need to wear a little less to keep the smell from overpowering you (or anyone else in your vicinity)

and lest we forget, sunscreen is one of the best smells of summer. and my new friend A (thanks J) introduced to a delightful smelling sunscreen with mango and papaya notes that is everything right about summer scents. i'm going to have to ask him and track that one down. in the meanwhile, check out some of my other favourites.

so what are your favourite summer smells? (it doesn't have to be a perfume.)
that's all for me. i've a lunch date! later my lovelies!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

i'm feeling tribal. and LOVING this print skirt.
retails for $41.80 CAD at shopruche.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

(song of the day: mansard roof, vampire weekend)

as the weather warms up, makeup melts off. but not this summer! here are a bunch of tips and tricks for getting makeup that lasts. my most important suggestion is to try and wear as little makeup as possible, but should you feel you have to here are some suggestions.

before leaving the house...

start with a clean, fresh face. lately i've been using (and loving) olay dual action cleanser and pore scrub. but i've heard the exfoliants can be harsh for some. i like the way my skin feels offer, deep cleaned and dry, ready for makeup. if that's not your cup of tea you can also try a mattifiying cream, pore minimizer or a favourite of yours that absorbs oil.

skin: all i keep hearing when it comes to summer makeup that lasts is tinted moisturizer. and i mean that's great and all when you can find one that actually matches your skin tone. i have been unable to find one dark enough for me under $30. (if you have any suggestions let me know!) but when you find your oil-free tinted moisturizer of choice, apply with a damp sponge in short outward strokes.

for me, all i really need for cool dewy sking is a moisturizer with SPF. when applying, don't forget your neck, hairline and the tops of your ears! clean up problem spots with a few dashes of concealer.

eyes: makeup is more likely to melt when it contains emollients. i remember reading this interview from bobbi brown and she suggested you avoid overly creamy products. she preferred powder blushes and eye shadows becaues they are less likely to run. mineral makeup is good too.

aim to use neutral colours because they are less likely to show should they melt/run. skips the eye liner, most usually smudge. if you can find a waterproof eyeliner, avoid dark colours because they create dark circles around your eyes should they run. keep liner to the top lid. if you haven't already, trade in your favourite mascara for a waterproof version. but beware, even waterproof shades can melt if you use to use, try one thin coat.

lips: lip glosses can turn your lips into a slip and slide, and they also intensify your lips reception to the sun and can increase your chances of burning there (what an odd thing to say). lipstains don't melt off like other glosses do. if you don't want to splurge on new lip wear, you can transform any lipstick into a stain. you'll want to use a bright shade, the pigments are richer and better at tinting lips. apply two swipes, wait ten minutes and gently tissue off the top layer.

cheeks: again i recommend a stain, instead of applying directly use your fingers to get a more natural look. if you choose a bronzed colour (as opposed to a pink or rose), use it to give the look of a sun-kissed glow all around: smooth it across the bridge of your nose and on the high points of your cheekbones.

and then, i recommend finishing up with a transparent finishing powder. (maybelline has a nice one!)

when you're out...

it might not be a bad idea to carry blotting paper on you. i've never used them myself but the idea seems simple enough. press the sheet up against your face, there's no need to wipe. and if you can't get your hands on thatm try using a large white tissue to blot at your hairline eyes, coerners of the nose, lips, chin and jawline and attempt to suck up oil and smudges.

if your eye shadow has creased, close your eyelid and press your finger against it to smooth the remaining shadow and wipe away liner and mascara. wipe your lips clean and add a wash of balm or gloss to freshen up.

i think that's it for me. how do you beat the heat? drop me a comment!


photos from here and here.

Monday, July 6, 2009

this week i'm experimenting. for a while now (well okay, ever since i saw lie to me) i've been toying with the idea of radical honesty. the idea was propose by psychotherapist brad blanton who believed that people would be alot happier if they only told the truth. no lies at all regardless of colour (white) or size. i consider myself to be a pretty honest person but i can't deny that i don't make a little white lie from time to time. after all, the average person tells an average of 3 in just a ten minute conversation.

don't forget, you're lying when...
-someone asks you how you are and you don't give a real answer
-you feign interest in something
-you leave things out.

i'll be honest here, i'm a v. non-confrontational person who believes that white lies can help to smooth things over. it's a little patronizing to pretend to be interested in something you're not. and telling the truth to a friend could actually be helpful. i hate hurting people's feelings or stepping on toes. and i'm not always such a sharer either (even though you'd neve know it from this blog). i have a habit of stopping short of what i'm saying what i really think. but i've realized lately that those little lies aren't doing anyone any favours.

so this week i'm going to acknowledge things exactly as they are, to others and to myself. i'll let you know how it goes next monday!


(song of the day: thinking of you, katy perry)

1. today: i'm happy for the problems i have. yesterday this african children's choir came to my church, and listening to the hardships they've had to face made me so much more appreciative of mine. some of the stuff they've dealt with is just unimaginable to me. and it reminded me to be glad for where i live, and what i have, including my "problems." because really, they're nothing on a grand scheme of things, know what i mean?

2. i'm looking forward to: hanging with my friend E! even though i've known her forever we've never hung out before. do you ever have friends like that? it's made me realize that i could've been missing out on being better friends with the people around me because i spent so much time hanging with the same people. i can't wait to finish the conversation we had at the wedding the other day. i'm excited.

3. one thing that'll make my week: realizing that being awkward is NOT the end of the world.

apologies for the lack of best ofs this week, unfortunately, i was add the last link to my draft in evernote when my internet timed out and lost the whole thing. not to worry though, there's some good stuff coming up.

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Friday, July 3, 2009

When shaving your legs, it's best to go agains the grain for the closest shave. But when shaving your armpits, the opposite it true.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

(song of the day: battlefield, jordin sparks)

happy thursday! hope all is well. how'd you spend the holiday? the day i had was not the day i was expecting when i woke up yesterday morning, but sometimes it's best that way. just a few updates and miscelleaneous things.

when i check the hair poll the morning there was a tie for both jennifer aniston and zooey deschanel! it's funny when you're presented with two options how you find what you really want? looks like it was zooey all along. my version's a little different, i followed the instructions i found but they really weren't geared towards people with medium hair. i still think it turned out okay. (that wasn't the dress btw, i was still in my pjs when i took this.) anyway, i'm not closing the poll just so i can see which one people really do like better.

in other news, i got my nails done today with L. au moment, i'm wearing parlez-vous opi? i certainly do. i don't know if you noticed, but i'm a bit of a nail polish fanatic =P i'm still a HUGE fan of the france collection. even though it was for the fall, i figure this colour is bright enough for summer, no? L got miami beet, which is my favourite from the south beach line. (anyone else excited for the espana collection??) it was lovely, but then on my way out i had my first OPI matte polish sighting! i was so excited i was giddy, just ask her. i bought gargantuan green grape matte and i'm going to try it out as soon as my mani chips. hahaha. what's on your nails right now??


(got the photo from here.)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

i'd like to thank little red for my first ever awards!! hopefully i'll have more to add to this page soon.

first, happy canada day to you! i hope you're doing something exciting!

so today, i'm wondering what kind of books you're into? more commercial or literary fiction? romance? suspense? i like it all, but today that book that so raptly caught my attention was some teen fiction by robin benway.

usually i'm wary when a book has TOO many of those blurb reviews on the back cover/inside leafs or what have you. but after finishing the book (in under 24 hours :S) i believe the hype.

it's about a girl (audrey) who dumps her egotistical musician boyfriend. the breakup song he writes about her, rises to the top of the charts. the book tracks how her life changes as she's dragged along in the process.

i was wary again, that a story like this could fall into predictable territory. in fact, usually books about girls who become famous bore me. (it's becoming a bit overdone, don't you think?) but the characters totally set this book apart. and i have to say i'm way jealous of the way benway writes. she's got great style.

audrey was a fantastic character: witty, funny and smart. totally would want her as a friend. i love when the background characters have just as much dimension as the ones in the front. and i loved that it had its own soundtrack. some i'd heard of and some i hadn't. but i find it funny that i'm willing to take music suggestions from a fictional character =P

it was a really funny book too. i also have this really annoying habit of laughing out loud when i'm reading, but i just say that's the sign of a good book. i reccomend it if you've ever liked anything by Rachel Cohn. anyway yeah, and amazing and funny story about music and love.

but yeah, what are you in to? what's good?

let me know